Is it normal to..hit a point where you need or want new friends?

I have friends of a variety of ages, including a few who are a good 15-20 years older than me. Also have some who are 10-12 years younger. Lately, I find myself having decreased desire and patience for some of the older ones, including one woman I've known for 17 years, and a guy I hang out with at the sports bar, who I've known about 4 years.

We usually do well, but sometimes, the age difference is clear, and I find myself agreeing with, or maybe not stating my own view as strongly as I should, just to not cause problems or highlight the age difference or embarrass them. Their views, especially politically, are to the far right, and I am to the left without question. So, there's that part, too. I know they feel that way politically b/c, putting it directly..They're older and most old people feel that way. Rooted in fear.

As for the younger ones, it's sometimes the shoe on other foot. I've been through a lot that they're going through now, and have my own view of it that, even to me, makes me seem like the "old guy" to a point. Not often, but it has hit my mind. Example: Good friend of mine is a female, 20 years younger than me. Known her a few years, she's professional, gorgeous, and smart. And writes awful poetry that I did many years ago. Uses words like "zenith" and "zepher", trying to sound poetic, but it comes off as very..High school junior. I tell her it's good, but in reality..Think it's awful.

I'm at a point where I want to clear the deck and disassociate from darn near all of them, but not sure if I can. Do want more friends of my own age range, and to do things with them that the others can't or won't. Just have a problem breaking away from many of my current group of friends, yet, do want to explore new people and things. Does anyone else find this in their own lives or see as normal?

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  • It’s normal to want to “clear your history” and open up a new tab on life.

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  • I would just do it gradually. Friends fade out pretty naturally if you stop hanging out all the time.

    I will say thought that political differences don't have to ruin friendships if you like the people otherwise, although I don't know if that's the case. I'm more right leaning and my friends are left leaning, and I just ask we don't talk about politics or smile and keep quiet if they do.

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  • Just do it in stages, you don't have to drop all your current friends before you find others more compatible with you.

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