Is it normal to hear voices then stop?

My upbringing wasn't very good, I was abused a lot at home as well as bullied both physically and verbally in school and ostracized by my peers which often left me alone by myself. In high school during my teenage years I use to hear voices and hallucinate different people both at school and at home. Most of them were basically my friends and pretty nice, however there was this voice who I'd also sometimes see that wasn't very nice, he'd be a lot like a bully and push me to do things I didn't want to do or tell me to do violent things like hurt people or myself, but he'd also tell me he was doing it because he cares for me and that he's looking out for me.

This went on for several years and things back home as a teenager were pretty stressful, however after I finished high school and moved to a more calmer home environment these hallucinations and voices slowly began to eventually stop. I don't see hallucinations anymore, however on rare occasion I might still hear a voice or two, but this barely ever happens anymore.

So I was wondering is it normal for voices/hallucinations to just like go away by itself? Is there something still wrong with me, like do I have schizophrenia or something? These voices weren't my own thoughts, these were different people from my mind that had different voices and identifies which I could tell who was who by voice.

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  • Sounds like Psychotic depression(if you hear voices when you are severely depressed), or Schizoaffective disorder(Schizoaffective disorder is a milder form of schizophrenia).

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  • You need to consult a doctor about it asap.

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  • Hmmm... You should probably seek a professional's help now

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