Is it normal to hear voices and see things that aren't real?

I really don't know what category this is but, I hear voices and see things that aren't real, and I kinda like it bcs I don't feel alone with frank in my head (one of the voices) if it isn't, wtf do I have?

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  • You have schizophrenia or schizoaffective, contact a psychiatrist for antipsychotic medication.

    Drug induced psychosis is also possible if you do any illicit drugs.

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  • See a psychologist. Might be schizophrenia or something.

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  • See a doctor, it's not normal at all

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  • Seek professional psychiatric help immediately.

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  • As you mentioned, you know they aren’t real. That’s the first step towards getting better. It’s pretty normal (if you already have a chemical imbalance) to hallucinate or hear things when under extreme stress/ pressure. Try focusing on it less and de-stressing by spending time ‘treating yourself’ & a little bit of therapy. You’ll get there :)

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  • See, you still know it’s just a voice, so alarm bells aren’t going off. I think you’ve just got an imaginairy friend.

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