Is it normal to haves very long dreams every night?

So about every night for the past month now, I've been having dreams where they last for an incredibly long time. Whether it be in the dream, in real world time, or both. Just last night, I slept 11 hours in a dream.

Started out real normal at first, I got a few friends over, then one of them went to an imaginary pool that we didn't have. When he came back, the entire fuckin' town and god knows who else was after us.
So, we went to this 5 story tower, that I guess went down, then up?? We had to get items I guess to kill everything. I vividly remember asking someone how to go upstairs, as I couldn't find them, and they said "Oh, the main floor is downstairs!" So I went downstairs, which led off to a different tower(The main floor was underground), and I met with one of my buddies and what seemed like two brothers.
So we went up the tower collecting items while three guards went after us. And for some reason, every floor had someone in there, singing some kind of song. When we got to the top floor we found the last piece, and then I woke up with the song "7 Years Old" stuck in my head.

I would also like to add, I'm not a singer, nor do I listen to "normal" songs often. I usually just listen to fan made songs on Youtube, and a few other songs from time to time. I don't follow any artists, or even know what any look like. So hell if I know what the songs thing was about.
I also shortened it down. A lot. From what I remember, and from just from not wanting to type too much.
I'm not sure what's going on, and I'm not sure why, I just want a few opinions, and feel free to ask any questions. If you read this far, thanks!

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  • I have long nightmares.

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  • Not normal but sounds kinda lit.

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  • I love dreams. All of them.

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  • I only have long dreams of it’s good night sleep. And I love those.

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  • Awesome. I have long dreams, too. And I can remember dreams in great detail from years ago. I remember asking assorted friends and family if it was common and it supposedly isn't. I've also awakened with songs in my head. I'm going to vote "not normal" just based on what I'd been told throughout the years.

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