Is it normal to have wished you’d seen a tv show when you were younger?

So a while back I had made a few questions about the Irwins, but more specifically Bindi. I don’t know why but for some reason I became obsessed with her show Bindi the Jungle Girl, and I can’t remember if I ever saw it, but I wish I had seen it more. It’s definitely for younger kids but I found myself enjoying whatever clips I could find (which surprisingly were hard to find!) I’m not sure why I didn’t watch it, maybe because having a girl present it I assumed it was girly or whatever, but now I think I would have liked it. Is that weird?

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  • When I was young in the 80's, this show called Designing Women was popular. Delta Burke was in it (she was a total babe back then) and I wanted to watch it but yeah, I didn't want to be caught enjoying a "chick" show.

    For you, maybe they have the DVDs at the library. Wherever you are, check your library's website.

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