Is it normal to have very few dreams, and obscure ones at that

So I can count all the dreams I've had this year on one hand, and unlike most dreams, I can't pull any sorta meaning outa them. If y'all can help me understand that'd be very cool. For context: I have had three recurring dreams over the last few years of my life.

One - I'm kidnapped by a chicken, and tied into the back of a truck. Halfway down a road in my town, I escape, only to be captured by the chicken again. I am then forced to watch Californication until I die.

Two - I'm walking down a street, and everything has an orange film over it. An enormous spider crab squats over our town, doing nothing else but squatting. I find a little door in a dirt hill, I reach for it, and then awake.

Three - This one, I should mention, is the one I've been having for the longest time. I wake up a child, it's nighttime. I try to go back to sleep. A monster tries to break open the door. I try and hold back the door while my little brother reads a book about dinosaurs. I open the door to try to scare the thing away. It's gone now, but as I turn back to my brother, he has somehow been caught in a mess of working gears where his bed once was, and he's been eaten by them. I run, my Dad is missing from his room. I get downstairs and try to wake up my Ma(she's on the couch). Her head 360's towards me, and then she tears her face off until it's only a skull.

Any thoughts my guys? Post your dreams down below as well, it'll be fun.

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  • They sound scary D:
    I have a recurring dream of being chased across the moors by angry, killer horses. I keep running but it's like I'm running on the spot because I'm not actually moving anywhere. Somehow I get to a house and hide but these horses sniff me out and smash through the walls and I just run around screaming until I wake up.
    After the second time I was actually followed then chased across a hill by horses IRL. I think they just wanted the fruit in my bag but still scary.
    Dreams are weird. I think they're mostly random stuff your brain puts together to keep you entertained during sleep.

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  • I got put on some new mess and started having weird dreams. Some I remembered but a lot I didn't. The only reason I would know is my wife would tell me I was thrashing and yelling in my sleep. I slept on the couch for a while and after a time I guess my brain got used to the meds and the nightmares stopped.

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  • One of the dreams from years ago for some reason I still remember I was stranded on an island with my cousin's brother and his mom. And we discovered a hotel in the middle of the tropical island specifically made for dinosaurs that lived there...

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  • Most people will have about 5 dreams if they sleep for 8 hours, but they won't be able to remember all of them, if they can even remember one. So you remembering only a handful of them is normal. They occur during the REM phase of sleep which is when your brain is the closest to be awake without actually being awake. You are more likely to remember a dream if you get waken up in the middle of REM sleep.

    No one has 100% knowledge on dreams or why we even have them. A people have theorized though as to the meaning. The Freudian theory suggests that dreams show insight into hidden desires and emotions. Blechner thought that dreams were just how your brain thought when not having to communicate said thoughts. The greeks and romans thought that dreams were messages from deities or deceased persons and that they predicted the future. There are some more theories and you should do research into it yourself if you are interested in learning more.

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