Is it normal to have suicidal thoughts while being afraid of death?

Sometimes I imagine to end it all but I'm afraid that there's no afterlife.

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  • A lot of people have suicidal feelings at some point, not normal but common ..
    Most people don't truly want to die, they want the bad feelings to stop ..
    You should be okay, it's when you stop being afraid of death when you should worry ..

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  • Scared of living but afraid of dying is very common. There's no coming back for a second chance once you do yourself. Please keep putting one foot in front of the other and aim for very small goals and you'll pull through. I took an overdose in 2007 and still have liver problems from it. Please try to live until your natural times comes and just do your own thing. Very best wishes for your life.

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  • Sleeping is the free trial of death. No afterlife, no heaven or hell, nothing. You cease to exist. So why rush to nothing? Like the first guy said, I also feel like suicide is the cheap way out when things get too hard.

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  • Of course it's not normal. Do what the "Feeling Suicidal?" notice says.

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  • Maybe everything's really bad right now and the only thing that's keeping us alive is that we believe everything will change. I guess it could, or then it's something in our head telling us it's our time but we don't want to go by the rules. It's a good thing the human mind can fight against some things so that the future doesn't have to change, because I believe everyone has their part place and a line they're walking on. The lines can cross and so you can meet people, someone will change how you live and you will change how they live... So I guess it's a good thing to change others paths, I'd call it being selfless. So, keep yourself alive :)

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  • Either way why would you care? If this world is SO horrible you can't take it, then afterlife or no afterlife, what does it matter?

    This is my personal belief. This life is a test. Taking your own life is trying to cheat. They are just going to send you back to Go do not collect $200.

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    • I don't really think that life is a test but I guess most people have different opinions about it and I honestly don't know why I'm alive. Maybe I think that everything is going to be better in the future deeply inside? Maybe my brain just doesn't allow it? For now I don't really have anything or anyone to live for which is why I spend most time wasting it.

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