Is it normal to have no phobias?

Once I saw a youtube video about phobias. A lot of people commented and discussed about their phobias. But I realized that I had none of them. I searched on Internet for various types of phobias. I found them strange because it's ridiculous to be afraid of mushrooms and belly buttons. I tried thinking and doing things that might reveal my phobia. I stood at a top of a high building and looked down, went scuba-diving, went hiking alone and finally it's been a month. I haven't found my phobia. Is this normal?

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  • You gotta find that phobia, dude. People who don't go into hysterics over toothpicks, blue cars, a single cloud in the sky or some equally stupid shit are just soooo boring and un-unique.

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  • Phobias aren't technically normal since they're irrational. You're probably scared of things but normal things that you should be scared of. Like having knives thrown at you, or driving really fast on an icy corner but those aren't phobias just rational fears.

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  • You have a phobia of lacking phobias, or a phobia of being antiphobic???? At least you don't have phobophobia.

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  • What is the fear of cockroaches called?

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  • I have a phobia of tall buildings.

    The point of calling it a "phobia" is that it's stupid and irrational

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  • You either have no phobia or you haven't found it, so what?

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