Is it normal to have never done these things

I have never been in a relationship nor try to get one, I have never gone on a trip with friends aside from school trips, I have never properly gone out to have fun with friends like going to the mall, pub etc. Never gone outside of the country, the farthest I have gone was another city in my country. In terms of going outside with like a car or motorcycle on my own, I have never gone as far as going outside of the city on my own. Never gone trekking up a mountain even though there's a mountain very close by in my city.

Never had my birthday celebrated by any friends nor my family, and of course I have never made the incentive to celebrate someone else's birthday, at the very least I say happy birthday.
The number of birthday parties I have gone to can be counted below 10, I have never gone to any kind of formal party at my own volition. and the number of formal parties I have gone to can be counted in one hand.

I Have never seen the sea or snow with my own eyes. I actually remember being on the highway, and to the right of me is a wall and behind it is the sea, never got to see it. Don't know what the sea smells like, but somehow there is this time I smelled something and my brain instinctively told me it's the smell of the sea. I've never even been to the sea, so how does my brain know that it's the smell of the sea?!.

I have never been on a plane, I have never been on a boat of course. In my entire lives I have never left the mainland where I was born, I'm in a country that has thousands of islands for god's sake.

I'm 20 by the way

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  • Perfectly normal. I'm well over 20 (over 45 actually) and have never had sex or even been in a relationship (just not interested) and have never been on a plane (been on a boat though).

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  • Normal.

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  • You sound a lot like me. I'm 24 and never done a lot of those things.
    Never kissed
    Never had sex
    never had a boyfriend
    never had a job
    never driven
    never learnt to ride a bike
    never been abroad
    never been on a plane obviously
    never gone out somewhere by myself that's not within walking distance
    never been hospitalised
    never been drunk
    never done drugs
    never gone out with friends except like 3 occasions
    never had a party with friends
    and the list goes on...
    Honestly, I have so few experiences that it has made me afraid to HAVE any new experiences, or to do anything I've never done before seems really terrifying to me.

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    • I hope that both you and the OP find a patient friend who will carefully expose each of you to new legal and positive experiences in life so that you can really live and enjoy the future...

      Life was meant to be lived...

      Laugh, Love, and Live Life...

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    • Most of these are enjoyable things you should do, except be hospitalized, or do drugs. I've never tried drugs, but I was in hospital as a teenager with a broken leg - do not recommend.
      Getting drunk ain't all that hot either. Getting tipsy is really nice, getting wasted and dealing with a hangover isn't.

      If you, or OP lived near me I'd invite you to come along with me and my wife and some friends for a mountain hike. Well, once it's warm I mean... Enjoy the nature, cook on a campfire, no city noise, it's fantastic! Ain't nothing better than enjoying a beer, watching the sunset over the mountains thinking "I came here on my own without using any vehicle, I conquered this bit of mountain". Then there are the parties, the bigger your hiking party, the bigger the party once you arrive at the next camp/ hotel.

      Trying new things and getting out of your daily routine is a great way to make new friends, make good memories, learn something new and have fun escaping the monotony of daily life.

      As for driving - it gives you a sense of freedom unlike any other. You get in your car and you are free to take any road and go anywhere! I love cruising for fun.
      It's just you, the open road and the car. You are fully in control of something in your life - your car! What happens next is up to you.

      Recently one of my best friends got his motorcycle license and bought a Kawasaki motorcycle. He wants us to do a 3 day biking roadtrip across Bulgaria this summer and that sounds absolutely amazing! I have a motorcycle license, but I don't have a motorcycle so I got until August to find the right bike, buy it, fix it up and get it ready for a roadtrip.

      Same as olderdude said, hope you and OP find a good friend who'll introduce you to a whole bunch of new activities and experiences you'll enjoy and one day look back thinking "How did I live without this?!"

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    • good to know I'm not alone

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