Is it normal to have headache almost constantly everyday for years

I have headache everyday. Its just a part of my life now. It started when I was in high school around 7 years ago. I had my first visual migraine (?) 5 years ago which was really horrible I couldnt see anything, only patterns in different colors and that has happened to me only twice so I dont know if I actually suffer from migraine but what else could it have been?.

My headaches are not disabling most of the time. I try to avoid aspirins because I took too many in high school but when I went to the doctor he just said "headaches are normal, get over it".
Sometimes it gets really bad and can get really bad for a week or more in a row so I cant do anything only sit at home or lie down and not move much. Its not migraine I think because migraines dont last that long based on my research but maybe it can for some idk. I had one of those "worst headache of my life"-red flag headaches 2 years ago and went to the ER. I had to wait 8 hours and nearly left at one point but I wasnt allowed to. I apparently needed MRI but when the doctor arrived he didnt order one he just told me "thats a migraine" and sent me home. Without testing.

Im sure its nothing serious since my headaches are usually not disabling but on the other hand im so used to living with near constant pain in my head that I can go about my life with horrible headache and not realize how bad it is until my ear starts ringing or I get flashes of light in my vision field. Lately I have started experiencing vertigo and nausea which is a new symptom with my headaches. Today I was washing my hair and I realized my head hurt so much when I touched it, just the light touch of my hand. Thats new too. I hope my headaches are not worsening.

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