Is it normal to have favorite movies and watch them over and over?

Obligatory is it normal to be on a date, and put on a favorite movie that you’ve seen but she hasn’t?

I feel like most movies are trash and really only a select 5% or less are worth watching at all.

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  • I think what’s important here is to let go of film ageism. Try a cultural makeover where you go through the top films of a decade, starting from the 1920s forward. By the time you get to the 1960s the era will seem modern and you won’t have that same lens, plus there is a wealth of great films produced in the 20th century waiting to be discovered. Good luck friend

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    • Radio is theater, film is art and television is furniture.

      Sorry, I just remembered seeing that phrase on some graduate student's t-shirt when I was in college. It was a long time ago. 😔

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  • It's normal, and I don't know about watching movies on a date, what I do know is that I have favourite movies and I watch them over and over, together with popcorn.

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  • I watch my favourite movies over and over as well. But I also like to try new movies.

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  • I think it's normal. A lot of people do the same thing, and I think it's because it makes them feel good. My parents rewatch the same old shows and movies from their childhoods, I guess it makes them feel 'safe' or happy like they were as kids. I personally can't watch the same things twice because I just like to explore new things. But yeah I don't see anything wrong with repeating whatever you like

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  • I watch the same tv shows over and over. I've probably seen Breaking Bad and House MD at least a dozen times each.

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  • Movies? No. But I have TV shows.

    American Dad, The Golden Girls, Always Sunny, and Unsolved Mysteries, but only the version with Robert Stack.

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  • The entire Harry Potter series

    I watch those a lot with my cousin whenever I sometimes invite her over.

    ( We do watch other movies too, like Friday the 13th, Scream, Austin Powers you name it! :D )

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  • I am constantly rewatching King of the Hill, which I quote multiple times a day, I tell you what. Nowadays, I let it play in the background as I study or do other mundane chores.

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  • Looks like it's time for 'you know you're neurodivergent if...'.

    You're onto a winner if you put on a film that you have both watched over and over, and you both enjoy it again.

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  • Maybe not for a date. But I rewatch movies and shows all the time.

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  • Are you asking about the date thing or in general

    For a date it’s a good idea because you already know how good the movie is and what the content is

    In general though no, you should expand your media diet. There’s movies out there that you would enjoy but haven’t given a chance. Also it’s really annoying when a friend says something like “oh I don’t watch movies” but then always want you to watch the same two crap movies with them

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