Is it normal to have extremely vivid dreams?

My dreams feel so real that I almost always wake up feeling surprised that I was just dreaming. For example, I have a dream where my teeth start getting loose and eventually fall out even though in reality this has never happened to me before I feel the sensation of my tongue wiggling the teeth from my gums, the metallic taste of blood, and even the harsh ridges of the tooth once it's loose. Not just physical sensations but really powerful emotions too. If I fight with someone in a dream, the argument is very detailed and realistic almost like a movie script. It's to the point where I wake up feeling tired like I actually experienced all the things I dreamed about.

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  • ever dream about sex?

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  • Yeah, every one of your dreams are as realistic as real life. The only reason it doesn't seem like that is because you instantly forget them when you wake up. You can actually train yourself to remember them more vividly though by keeping a dream journal, and writing down every dream the instant you wake up in as much detail as possible.

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