Is it normal to have authoritative figures as a big turn on?

authoritative figures, people in uniforms, viz., teachers, firemen, security guards. they turn me on to such an extent i think it's bad. is it okay?

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  • I find the Nazi/SS uniform pretty hot

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  • Nah, fuck authority.

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  • I misread I thought you said authoritarian figures I was thinking like stalin or hitler or kim Jong un (if hes still alive)

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  • I really hate the idea of people (most times stupider than me) telling me what to do.

    I know the law and I obey most of it. Without laws we would have anarchy and no progress, but security guards, airport security, traffic cops, parking maids and especially tax inspectors can all go to the deepest point of hell and burn there for the rest of eternity!

    So no, I'm not attracted to the concept of authority, or uniforms. If I see a sexy policewoman, I would definitely admire her beauty, but that's down to the woman herself and not her job.

    With that said, in my university days I fantasized about joining the mile high club with a stewardess, while she was wearing her uniform and probably say "It's time to get your real wings baby" at some point.

    I'll stop now as this is like the buildup of a bad 80s porn film.

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  • Motorcycle cops are kinda hot!

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    • I don't know about America, but in Germany they are absolute assholes.

      If one has to stop you, they will drive like complete hooligans, including doing wheelies, weaving through traffic Hollywood chase style and then brake check you. Thankfully motorcycle cops are very rare in Germany, more prominent in the northern parts of Germany.

      A wannabe empty-helmet showoff pulls me over for going over the limit, after he's driven like a rabid 9 year old with a sugar rush, playing GTAV and he wants to give ME a ticket?!

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  • Sure, I can see that, they might be sexy. Whatever floats your boat...

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