Is it normal to have auditory hallucinations after a night of very heave drinki

Sometimes when I get really drunk and black out I'll get auditory hallucinations the next day with my hangover. I'll hear voices or music or something similar to those. This only happens when I am very, very hungover. The auditory hallucinations only last as long as my hangover so I think it may be caused by dehydration but I'm not sure. Anyone else experience this too?

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  • If you drink constantly and are having DTs in the morning

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  • I have olfactory hallucinations. Like air dry clay and sometimes whatever food I'm thinking of. Like pistachios.

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  • yes alcohol can cause you to hear things although its rare unless you're an alcoholic

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  • I know someone who did, but it only happened when he'd been on a bender for days or maybe weeks and then stopped completely . It only happened a few times and I haven't heard any more about it . He Still goes on benders but not ap much and I think its been a couple md years since
    Talk to your doctor-inconfidence.

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  • Do you love sucking cock when your hungover?

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