Is it normal to have a past life vision about a phobia

Okay, so, I heard the greek but I knew what it meant which is soo weird. I know some but not this complex. Sounded accurate though.
so I think maybe its past life stuff because, well, my bf has a really big fear of people touching his butt, and he has no damn idea why bc nobody really has touched his butt. He's just scared of people touching his butt ok.
Now, Lets get down to the vision

The guy was clearly my partner at the time and was describing his loyalty and love to me or whatever, and his army buddy accidentally seen (possible us) and they left but the person I was conscious as could still notice everything was like why do you want kids now you're our best guy and the girls bf was like hahaha you think I just want kids look at that girl and he the other guy gropped him and he was like woah yo you cant do that to me thats assult brotha and he defended himself like to be clear again I heard it in Greek even though I haven't studied this extensively and thats a translation of my the translation an my mind which makes me wonder even more if its past life

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