Is it normal to have a non-functioning toilet, with no seat or lid?

I fill up a bucket of water in the bathtub and use that to flush, but the water doesn't fill back so it's shit water in the bottom of the bowl all day, and dry shit splatter all over the sides of the bowl. I learned this technique in India where they often provide a small bucket and water faucet.

Also I piss in the same bucket and toss it off the balcony but it's eight stories up so none of it reaches the sidewalk, sometimes the wind blows it back onto my balcony.

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  • No, you just have the inability to call a plumber.

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  • I remember I took this hot chic to my boys house back in the late 2000s. He rented a duplex we were drinking and eventually she said "I have to go use the bathroom" he said "please, right this way" and showed her the bathroom. She comes out with a horrified look on her face and said "Theres shit all in the toilet and it wont flush. I cant use it.". He said "Sorry about that. Let me fix it for you" and he walks into the bathroom while we are in the living room and then we hear a shopvac running.

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  • Where do you live? This is incredibly unsanitary and you can end up making yourself and the people around you extremely sick.

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  • Gross.

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  • dont eat stuff off the sidewalk

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  • How appetizing...

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