Is it normal to have a full conversation with someone while sleeping?

Not with the paranormal or anything of the sort. But, if I'm not fully up, and someone comes in to talk to me, I'll have a full conversation with them. And somewhat keep on topic. And though, I will sound tired, I won't remember any of it. I only know what happens because my mother does the same thing. I tried looking this up online, but it only shows sleep talking. I don't talk in my sleep, only mumble, but is it normal to talk with real people while asleep? (Sorry if it sounds confusing, I have no excuses)

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  • yallre givin away all yalls secrets

    i hope yall dont have security clearance

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  • My boyfriend does this. I'll tell him about the stuff we talked about and he won't remember any of it. The last sleep conversation we had was about Owls. XD

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  • Hahahahhaha can I talk to you? pls.

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  • That happened once to me. I woke up and was like how the fuck did I get in bed, I remember passing out on the couch watching spongebob. Anyways turns out I walked my happy ass to bed after having a 20 minute conversation with my mom without sounding tired or anything. So yea. That happenes

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  • That sounds like a talent! 😏

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  • I don't think that is normal...

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