Is it normal to have a fear of time?

i don't have much to expand on because the title speaks for itself. i'm pretty young but the idea of aging and time passing absolutely terrifies me. this affects my life a lot and i'd like to know how many people go through this and they get past it.

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  • time fucking sucks. watch the german netflix series DARK. it is about a man who wishes to destroy time itself.

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  • Time is scarier than death.
    I’d go against everything, but never time
    Time is an asshole
    And yes, aging too is scary, you lose something all the time and can never get it back

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  • Fear of aging you mean? I thought you meant like clocks and stuff are scary lol.

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    • you have a point lol but i feel as if they're both connected for me. see, i can't always see myself aging, but i can feel time passing which i know will eventually make itself known through age.

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