Is it normal to have a dream like a video game

Multiple times in dreams I've had, if its about me dying some how I have to repeat the whole dream until I finally live through it. Whether its a big bear that was chasing me, to some intruders came in looking for something valuable and I have to escape alive.
But I've also had dreams where I juss wake up before I die.I don't dream like this often but I just had one the other night and had me thinking...
Does anyone else do the same?

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  • I've had dreams where I was being chased, or running to escape from someone dangerous. Those are the fun dreams to wake up from and remember. Especially if I remember the falling sensations. I also only remember having them occasionally. I wouldn't worry about it if I was you. Perhaps it's just an expression of our stress and mental turmoil.

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  • Mhm.

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  • Get off the computer and go outside sometimes.

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