Is it normal to have a cavity that only hurts sometimes

I had a few months ago very bad pain in a tooth not sure which one but one tooth in the back on one side of my mouth. Ive also noticed a tiny new tooth on the same side I dont know how that is possible but it definietely hasnt been there before. o.o Now the tooth no longer hurts except sometimes randomly but ive started having a really bad bitter taste in my mouth. I wonder if it could have to do with my tooth. I have an appointment with a dentist next month not that I can afford to even fix a tooth but i'll see then. Maybe its just an infection but I dont think so because ive had infection in my gums before and that made my gums swollen and red which they arent now + the pain is in a tooth not the gums. I wonder if this is why I have such a bad taste which I cannot get rid of. Uff. But it doesnt hurt anymore is that normal?

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  • sounds like the nerve is dying or possibly an abscess. is there a bump on the gum under the bad tooth?

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  • Yes the cavities i have only hurt at times like when I eat sugary stuff

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