Is it normal to hate my other neighbors annoying 8 year old son?

I haven't got problem with the parents, they're great people but the only thing I find annoying is their 8 year old son who won't stop being nosy, another instance was where I went on is it normal one day and he wouldn't stop looking at my phones screen it got to the point where I had to say " You shouldn't be looking at my phones screen this website isn't appropriate for you " I wish he could stop being nosy, I just can't get my personal space and my privacy around even if my parents invite him over hes still with that annoying and nosy personality he even goes through my things, it went to the point that I had to legit lock my room and lock all of my draws.

I wish I didn't have to keep going through this.

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  • Talk to his parents and your parents. If no one does anything then push him down when no one is looking. Establish dominance!

    Ok to be serious. If your parents or his parents don’t do anything, be firm and tell him to stop. Like the second he opens a drawer, close it firmly and tell him stop being nosey. Raise your voice a bit and have a serious face and tone. Do this every time he does something. If he looks at your phone screen, put your phone down and give him a look. Don’t look away or use your phone until he stops and if he tries to look again, do it again. Keep staring until he stops. Don’t let one time slide for any of it. Eventually he will learn to not fuck with you. And if someone says something to you then tell them he needs to learn respect people’s privacy.

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  • Time to deck a little boy

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  • If you're 18 or older and you are worried about an 8 year old boy, you're living with parents, worried about personal space and your phone and drawers. Put the phone down get a job, and grow up. In short get a life. If you're under 18 get off IIN but come back when you grow up..

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  • Then how about whack him?

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