Is it normal to hate interviews a lot?

I hate interviews so much that I want to start my own company just to avoid having to do them. They're basically verbal tests, but I'm expected to dress up in uncomfortable clothes and somehow "relax" as if I'm not talking to the person that decides whether or not I get the job.

I feel like I'm supposed to be happy when I get the message "hey, we saw your resume and we would like to schedule an interview" but all I get is a deep sense of dread. If they don't call, I don't get work, but if they do call, I'm nervous and anxious the whole time leading up to the interview, only for them to say "sorry, someone else did better."

Why can't we just skip straight to a job offer based on my resume or portfolio? Why do I have to sit and get grilled for half an hour? Or worse, multiple hours at different dates and times, because there's multiple ROUNDS of interviews. Please just flip right off.

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  • The sad thing is that someone can be an absolute garbage candidate, but if they're charismatic enough they're more likely to get a job than someone who's actually qualified for it

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  • if its for a sales or executive position where talking and persuasion are important then its valid

    of its for a hands on position then it shouldnt hold as much weight as a candidates skills & experience

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  • I have the same problems. ❤

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  • Once you accept rejection they get easy

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  • The problem is you, not the interview.

    One must do things they don’t like at times, simple.

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