Is it normal to hate clubbers?

I'm not a complete straight edge myself since I drink from time to time but I completely hate people who make their lives all centered around drinking and partying daily. I just really hate them abusing their bodies so much and not caring

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  • It’s their body, they can do as much drink and drugs as they please. Just let people have this thing that they enjoy. I’m the opposite to you, I can’t stand all those sober warriors going on about how drink/drugs is unhealthy and they only drink water and eat green leaves because their body is a temple.

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  • I only once went to a club. I was da designated dragracer coz my homies drink da warm stuff and I don't drink that often.
    so I was there, doing da robot..and this hoe came shaking her aggressive ass right in front of my dick.
    I'm a respectable nigga. I got standards. I don't want yo ass near my dick; bitch I saw you literally coming out da toilet just now.
    yo nasty.

    I never went to a club again.

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  • I honestly would have to say that my early teens was probably the happiest time in my life. I don't hate people who go to nightclubs, I'm probably more jealous of them than anything else. Yes, I enjoy drinking on occasion, and I have done my share of experimentation, but the majority of my time in nightclubs in my early twenties was spent DANCING!

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  • I'll agree with you, everything in moderation. Except, I'll agree with RoseIsabella that I have had a lot of fun dancing in clubs! Something tells me that you have never really enjoyed going out having fun and enjoying nightlife.

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