Is it normal to hate all of you

You're all the worst. The absolute ducking worst

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  • I am the best. I win.

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    • you win

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      • I saw in Kholat and SaddleGoose's lengthy..."discussion" that you apparently started a Discord server? How do you join?

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        • I’ll let you in, you can message me at Kholat#1911 on Discord.
          If anyone else would like to join, shoot me a message

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        • yea kholat's got you just message him if you wanna join :)

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  • I don't have the greatest memory, so I'mma just run down all the terrible people who have commented so far:

    Saddlegoose is a high level troll, don't engage.

    Kholatkhult likes to smack you over the head with the Russian-ness.

    The "pickle" in PinkPickle, I'm pretty sure, is a penis.

    Kikilizzo is an unnotable, normal person that blends in to the crowd.

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    • Am I stereotypically russian ?

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    • No. It's literally a pickle. I fucking love pickles. They are my favorite food after salmon.

      The name comes from turnips pickled with beets which are called pink pickles and I love turnips too and have always wanted to try pink pickles. As I have only colored mine with food coloring. I freaking love pickled veggies.

      I also find those two words phonetically pleasing together.

      Sucks to hear you don't like me though. Especially because I don't think we've even interacted yet. I don't really want to make any enemies.

      I'd much rather be friendly with the people here and I hope any disagreements I have here don't lead to any hostility with anybody.

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      • My post was tongue-in-cheek (except Saddle). I don't dislike you, we just don't share political views.

        That's an interesting note about the pickled turnips, I didn't know that was a thing. Not the biggest lover of pickles myself, but I do like trying new foods when I get the chance.

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        • Good to hear you don't actually dislike me I thought I may have done something to offend you before we had officially interacted.

          At least I don't think we've talked directly like this before?

          I'm pretty sure the Lebanese invented them?

          My family likes to tease me for saying pink is the tastiest color lol.

          Every time I see something pink I want to try it, salmon, radishes, beets, pink pickles etc.

          I'm a weirdo who actually loves vegetables and I pickle a lot so any white vegetable I pickle I like to make pink because I associate pink with delicious ik that's dumb lol.

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  • What is your problem? You are a grown ass man. All you do is whine like a little bitch on this website and falsely report users and posts when you do not get your way or if people call you out. You must be a drunk and mentally ill. You have taken trolling to new pathetic levels.

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  • Saddlegoose please stop using my name so much in comments, please, I really don't want any of the tension felt towards you to become directed at me.

    I do not have the intelligence or social and communication skills to deal with over a decade of negative emotions becoming aimed at me.

    If that happens I will not be able to defend myself and I don't want to be driven off the site because people think I am picking a side.

    I already stated I do not wish to be involved in this any further than reading the comments.

    Sorry to be so blunt but I just want to be friends with people and I have no interest in becoming part of the conflict.

    I already feel bad enough that my original comment was what started all this.

    I am not a smart woman. I have a long history of being called naive, stupid, and easy to manipulate.

    I have a long history of not recognizing when someone is lying to me or trying to manipulate me.

    But this time I can say for certain somebody is lying.

    There is over a decade of stuff I don't understand and I just want to figure out who is lying so I can issue a formal apology to the person who was in the right the whole time as I'm sure I have caused them some stress.

    That is as involved as I want to get.

    I just want everyone to be able to go back to their usual IIN experience.

    At this point I am outright refusing to take anybody's side until my dumb ass can sift through all of these claims and long texts and I can figure out who is lying to me.

    I truly wanted to believe that nobody was lying to me and keep my faith in everybody. But that's not always possible. Somebody is lying.

    I am starting to get an idea of who it is but as stated I am not a smart person and I don't want to prematurely declare who I think it is.

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    • Saddlegoose led me to believe you were one of his alternate accounts. Is that not true?
      (As you can see above he admits to using at least 3 accounts eg. WhistleBain, Itduz)

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      • No. That is not true. I am not Saddlegoose.

        I don't really have a way of proving it all I can do is give you my word.

        The closest thing I can offer as "proof" is the few discussions and disagreements I've had with him the past few weeks.

        If digging them up brings you closure on the issue please do not hesitate to do so.

        I'm sorry for any unnecessary confusion.

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        • Alright then if thats true sorry for what I said, it was directed at him since he has a long history of harassing people under various accounts on this site and lying about it.

          (Deleted the comment & blocked him/alts)

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          • No apology necessary. I feel no Ill will towards you.

            I was the one who accidentally set this all off in the first place so you have my apologies as well.

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    • You don't owe anyone an apology. This isn't your fault. You're not even obligated to read any of this if you don't want to. No one is asking you to make any sort of decision about anything. You don't have to deal with any of this if you don't want to. Everyone would understand that and maybe even expect that. There are zero expectations of you. There never were. Don't feel pressured whatsoever and do what you want to do, but you don't owe anyone an apology for anything. If I were you, I would just ignore all this because it seems like it's causing you stress. But that's obviously your decision to make.

      You also don't seem stupid at all. You seem like your self-esteem is down.

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      • Thank you for the advice.

        I phoned a friend to come help me figure out who the liar was and they told me it should have been pretty obvious to me.

        But I'm going to take the advice multiple people have given me and leave it at that and step away.

        It seems like my comments here tend to trigger more comments so this is going to be my final comment here and I'm going to move on.

        I hope everybody reading this has a stress free day and we can all move on and resume our usual routines.

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  • Oh my god
    Dude set like 60 fires

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  • I’m Rick Harrison, and this is my pawn shop. I work here with my old man and my son, Big Hoss. Everything in here has a story and a price. One thing I’ve learned after 21 years – you never know WHAT is gonna come through that door.

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  • Over 170 comments, goodness gracious.

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  • Dude.. stop obsessing over people, it's creepy.

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  • At this point I feel like I need to dedicate a whole comment to apologizing.

    I am very sorry to all of you that my actions have resulted in what is a basically a war on this site.

    I had no idea that there was this much tension between users let alone tension that is over a decade old.

    I apologize for my actions having resulted in such tension, hostility, and negative feelings resurfacing.

    If it weren't for me none of this would have happened.

    I truly feel bad for being the spark that set this all off.

    You all have my deepest apologies for causing such conflict and I am sorry if my actions have resulted in old wounds reopening.

    Even though we don't always agree here I don't wish any of you any stress and I'm sorry for the stress I caused.

    I haven't been around here long so I don't completely understand everything but it seems Vaas is the creator of the IIN discord server so I would like to apologize to you by name.

    Vaas I have never been on the discord server but I am sorry if all I have caused by my actions has spread there and you've had to deal with it because of me.

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    • This was a ticking time bomb. It would have happened one way or the other. I triggered it, not you.
      Also not that big of a deal, nor a war, it’s just Saddle versus a number of people he has lied and catfished to.
      The guy has been on this site for 15 or so years and has not made a single friend. There are reasons for this, as people have inputted.

      Has nothing to do with you, my initial coming to you was because he was played this “positive persona” so many times and ends up being the disaster he’s being now. Like saying he has “no problem” with differing mental or physical health, but still brings it up in every comment. That’s why he keeps trying to guide your thinking. Suppose I initially intended a warning to you about him because I think you’re a nice user, and in my own right I was being a bit gossipy. This has all been pretty childish

      The quotes I provided are real. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll explain plainly. Me replying to saddle simply doesn’t work as he twists everything I say immediately to the point I’m too frustrated to bother with him.

      There is no pressure to “pick a side” and nobody is expecting you too, I’ll interact with you normally on the site as if this never happened, no biggie

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      • That's actually false. I suppose I'll leave a last comment for you too like I have Vaas, Countess, and S.W.

        I was actually a very popular user on this site at the time this site was far more popular despite the fact I loved to argue with people, I didn't need a discord server to reach popularity either. You can search for instances of that on this site. I was also part of the original and large IIN chat group that was essentially an IIN version of the Discord Server Kholat is a part of. Christ, even the people I had large disagreements with would compliment me, including the person who done the best job of proving me wrong most frequently in the past. These people have long since left the site though, as time went on the site went downhill and these people got on with life, their relationships, jobs, etc. I'm one of the few remaining users of those golden days of IIN. That being said, I've never used this site to find friends, I don't do "Internet friends" because I like to actually know my friends.

        Meanwhile, compare that to Kholat's "friends" from the site, people, quite frankly, socially isolated and rely on online communication to socialize and have a wealth of personal life problems that further funnels them in to exclusively socializing online, which I won't get in to. Not all of them, I won't say all of them, but my time in that server showed me that Kholat's largest fans were all people that had problems up the wahzoo that made them less inclined to have a healthy amount of social interaction in the real world, or just simply never had a real social life, and you can see the dependency in them at this point to maintain their friendship.

        So for him to lie that I never got on with anyone on this site despite the fact he hasn't been on this site for even half of the time I have to even know that, is quite evidently just him lying. He wasn't around when this site had it's peak userbase, or even a quarter of it's peak userbase.

        Yes, I have no problem with your mental health, Kholat, a portion of my life I worked with helping people with your disability, if that was the only issue you had there would be no problem and I'd empathize. It's the fact you have Schizophrenia but engaged with substance abuse while having access to an arsenal of firearms you aren't legally entitled to have because you're a convicted murderer. Substance abuse as a Schizophrenic is dangerous on it's own, with access to firearms and a history of violence? It's a disaster waiting to happen.
        *insert Vvaas in the background shouting "But it hasn't happened yeeeeeet!"*

        You're frustrated dealing with me because it's easy for me to spot when you're lying, and unlike your friends that rely on you for any social interaction in their life and are incredibly biased in your favour, I don't let you off the hook with it.

        As for "guiding" her. Nope. It was you that came in to try and guide her away for saying, "Oh, that person is okay" based on the fact you don't like me. The sad thing about this is that I wish she never made the comment at all because you guys are actually evoking fear in people over the idea of being treated badly just for affiliating with me. I know you don't comprehend how insane that is, which is why I'm giving each of you one more response until S.W got his say in and I call it quits so that this doesn't continue.

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    • pink you're totally fine you don't have to apologise, it isn't your fault and no one blames you, sometimes thing's just get out of hand and it's out of anyone's control. the drama is basically only on the website, the discord itself is actually pretty relaxed and chill so you don't have to worry you didn't cause any problems. we talked about the post only briefly when the argument sparked up yesterday and moved on after that haha.

      i honestly don't want to get included too much in the drama but i will state i have known kholat/dyat for some years now and i consider him one of my best friends, he might have made mistakes in the past but he is a genuinely good guy and i would trust him with my life. saddlegoose i'm familiar with but that's about it, yes i'm probably biased since i am dyat's friend however i honestly see the entire argument as silly especially how saddlegoose is attempting to make dyat out as some evil serial killer who killed for fun which is wrong. you're free to make your own judgement and opinion's on both users but i personally believe saddlegoose is in the wrong

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      • You're right, it isn't her fault, the fault lies solely on Kholat who couldn't handle someone he dislikes being complimented in such a miniscule way that he had to jump in spreading malicious lies, only to then have his "best friend" and others jump in to the discussion to back him up the second he's not only exposed for lying about me but also being guilty of far worse crimes.

        Yeah, the chat is pretty relaxed and chill, so long as you don't disagree with any of the main folks on there and they don't have a problem with you, but that's pretty much normal for a Discord server, which is why I didn't join for the majority of the times you asked me to join, and then upon me finally giving in you restrict my access to the server's rooms. Christ, I still remember a moment where things were getting heated so I kept asking if we could drop it, but some members decided they wouldn't allow it to, to which they ended up muting me from the server because I told her to stop bringing it up and that we've moved on.
        Or Christ, even the part where I might have saved Kholat from the worst case scenario of being thrown in the slammer for the rest of his life because the dumbass posted his illegal firearm collection in a Discord server where a certain other user he had problems with who has contact with his PO might still be sneaking around, yet his response to someone giving me a compliment is to try and maliciously lie about me? Sure seems like a nice guy.

        You say he might have made mistakes in the past but these aren't "mistakes", Vvaas. He killed five people, got offered the opportunity of a life time to not fully serve his punishment, and his response to this was to break so many of his conditions for parole, not in small ways but in some major ways that he admits would get him life in prison umpteen times over. So when you say he "made some mistakes in the past", that's not true, he's currently, willingly, and openly, continuing to make these immoral AND illegal choices because he doesn't feel like he needs to serve any penance for the lives he took and is above the law.

        If he's your friend, that's fine, but him being your friend doesn't mean you have to misrepresent the subject to paint me in the worst light. He started this, he came in spreading lies about me over something we settled like a year ago, based on an edgy comment or two made up to fifteen years ago, which you have no problem with him doing, but for some reason you have a problem with me engaging with the same behaviour in response over things he *actually* did that weren't just edgy comments but are instead actual crimes he committed less than 15 years ago and to this day refuses to face his punishment for while committing further crimes he refuses to face punishment for, all while gloating that he "isn't a legal guy"? Or Christ, how he says that by the definition he used to claim I tortured animals that he himself admits to have tortured human beings AND animals, something that I to this day deny ever doing to animals while he openly admits to doing it to both humans and animals?

        So how exactly am I in the wrong here, beyond the fact that it's your friend I'm saying these things about in response to your friend's malicious attacks on me? Is he just allowed to come on here and act this way and those he targets are supposed to sit back and twiddle their thumbs like, "Well, guess I can't do anything about that"? You tell me what exactly I was supposed to do, because so far none of you have been able to explain that while running defense for someone not only guilty of the thing he accuses me of but also guilty of far more severe things, all while you judge me for a damn comment. What should I have done?

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        • cope harder

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          • That chat moment got you real mad, huh? xD It was honestly the saddest thing to watch.

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            • Mad? What could be funnier than seeing a 30 year old closet homo so desperate for strangers approval that he spent several hours talking about children's cartoons and games to a sock puppet of himself as a female? I think you may be projecting here.

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        • cope harder

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        • "he had to jump in spreading malicious lies" and yet you are doing the exact same thing right now that you are attempting to accuse dyat of.

          "far worse crimes" what, killing a bunch of pathetic sex traffickers? you know i'm glad he killed them, if i was there i would have applauded him for it. there are people out there that deserve to die because the world would be a better place without them and sex traffickers are one of those people. the context of the situation matters, if dyat was just going around killing random innocent people for fun/on purpose then yeah obviously dyat would be in the wrong but killing off a bunch of criminals and putting a stop to their activities permanently? good. you know it's actually kind of gross how you're attempting to make dyat out as a bad person and in a way trying to defend the sex traffickers, because that's what you're inadvertently doing whether you realize it or not.

          big whoop dyat owns illegal firearms, as long as he isn't going around shooting people i honestly don't care since it doesn't effect my life or anyone else's. some laws are just stupid as long as dyat isn't causing harm it literally doesn't matter if he owns illegal firearms or not. the guy who apparently has details about dyat's PO? the cunt can honestly go fuck himself, imagine thinking about snitching on a guy who killed sex traffickers how fucking pathetic

          he could break 100 conditions for his parole as long as it doesn't directly effect anyone else who cares?? like seriously how is storing firearms in your house effecting anyone but yourself and even then i don't think dyat even uses them he just collects old guns and stuff. if he was using them to go out and shoot people yeah that's messed up but he's not doing that so again i don't care and i'm sure 99% other people don't either on what dyat does in his own property as long as it isn't harming anyone like if he was using them to shoot people but again, he obviously isn't so... why do you care so much? you don't even live in the same country as him, seriously what is the big deal because i don't see how this is apparently so bad and mindblowing.

          "he had to jump in spreading malicious lies"
          "he himself admits to have tortured human beings AND animals"

          and there you go again. dyat torturing animals? really? you really believe i would even believe that for a single second, or even anyone that's on the discord that actually knows him? the way you try to twist and manipulate other people's words into completely wrong context is astounding. you know i've tried to remain neutral on this because i do believe people can grow up and change, however you clearly haven't. the way you've been obsessing with attempting to defame dyat and twist his words into making him appear into something he isn't is disgusting.

          the difference between you and dyat is that there is literal proof of you saying thing's like you want to strangle rabbits or torture animals/people or whatever, it's no coincidence that not only one but several people are, to put in your words, "ganging" up on you. you need to stop and think, you must be doing something wrong for not one but multiple people to have a clear dislike of you.

          by legal definition yes dyat has done crimes, however he is blatantly open about them and willing to talk about them and doesn't try to make excuses or outright deny what he did. no, dyat does not torture animals or people u dumb fuck

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          • ...Vvaas. Are you telling me that he's entitled to throw these malicious lies out but I should "Be the bigger man" and just allow him to spread these rumours with no response? No? He isn't entitled to being treated nicely by the people he's being malicious to. Also, I told no lies. Everything I've said about him is what HE has said recently, I'm just repeating them.

            He never once mentioned them as "s*x traffickers", he said it was a "Russian gangster civilian" and "Illegal Chechens". I don't believe he killed s*x traffickers at all, and if he's saying that now then I'd expect as much after what he originally said painting him in a horrible light, and you have absolutely no reason to believe that other than his word alone, a word which I've demonstrated on many occasions now is unreliable.

            "Big whoop, dyat owns illegal firearms, as long as he isn't going around shooting people."
            ...That's the point of the law saying he's not allowed fire arms, because the government in his country has deemed him as unfit to the public to own them, Vvvaas, and your response is, "Big whoop? Until he uses them to kill (again) he's allowed them because I say so"? Like, okay dude. Jesus Christ.

            "Imagine snitching on a guy who killed sex traffickers."
            I don't believe he killed sex traffickers. His story of how he just happened to be amongst a gang but not a gang member and just happened to find another random gang, and he just happened to know they were traffickers during a time where Russian ultranationalists are killing Chechens, and now they're suddenly s*x workers, is a fantasy you've bought in to because he's your "Best friend", Vvaas. And his excuse of, "Well they let me out early? So means I'm not bad afterall", there were literally Russians sentenced to ten years for killing innocent Chechens that got let out early just like him, dude.

            "He can break 100 conditions for his parole, who cares!?"
            He is literally only out and not facing punishment for killing five people because it is assumed he isn't breaking his parole, his country, the government, the law, cares, Vvaas.

            "How is storing firearms as a violent Schizophrenic with multiple murder charges and had a substance abuse problem, who says people should die liking people he disagrees with effecting anyone!?"...Look, I'm intending to leave this by tomorrow, if this is really the calibre of justification you've somehow reached, there's nothing that can be done to convince you of the immorality in Kholat's part. A coked up schizophrenic with a history of violence and murder having access to firearms is just cool beans, I guess. This is actually insane. Do you really think "99%" of people outside of your friend circle would be like, "Ye, that's cool, in fact give him MORE GUNS!"? Really? There's legit nothing I can say here, this is a grasp on reality that goes beyond lunacy.

            "And there you go again". He literally told me that by the very definition he used to initially claim I tortured animals, that he tortured humans and animals, which I repeat is by the standard he used to claim I tortured animals. It was ME that was telling him that his definition was wrong and meant that he was guilty of torturing humans and animals and he said "Yes, I tortured humans"...Like, I'm not even allowed to use his own words at this point now? He can take something I said around 13-15 years ago, take it out of context, lie about it, but I can't use his own words he used just last night? Cooooome offf it, Vvaas. Like, I'd go in on you about it more but I don't know how much of that chat you've seen but it must not of been all of it if you think I've made it up.

            Bro. Okay, actually, let me get the quotes up.

            — 19/03/2023 18:55
            You tortured human beings.
            By definition.

            Kholat — 19/03/2023 18:55

            WhistleBain — 19/03/2023 18:56
            And you're comparing that to you, who is admitting to "torturing" humans?
            A comment online about torture, compared to actually torturing someone.
            You're putting yourself in to a knot, Kholat.

            "Kholat — 19/03/2023 18:56
            Killing is a tool Whistle, I’ve always stood by this
            I am not a peaceful man"

            Like, step off, man. I feel like Ricky Gervais up here, "I know he's yar friend! Ah don't ceeeh". xD

            For the record, I don't believe Kholat tortured animals and humans, that's the entire point. That the definition he used to claim I advocated for torturing animals would mean he tortured humans and animals. My entire point is that he used a made up definition of torture to claim I suggested torturing animals in the first place. So don't preach to me about "attempting to defame dyat and twist his words to make him appear as something he isn't" when that is exactly what he done to me, he took my words, applied a made up fake definition that he doesn't even believe in, and used it to spread a lie about me, and then you've come in here like, "Don't you dare be mean to my buddy!"? Bro.

            That "Or whatever" is doing a lot of heavy lifting. There is literally NO evidence of me suggesting torturing animals, there is ONLY evidence of me suggesting HUNTING animals to KILL, something KHOLAT has done in the past. So you're lying right now, unless you have access to some information I haven't seen and don't know about, in which case cough up, surely if I was trying to hide that I wouldn't ask you to openly share it so we can all, including me, can actually see the proof? Meanwhile I have a full convo log of Kholat saying everything I've alleged of him.

            You're right, there is no "coincidence" here. I already explained that. The vast majority of you here taking his side are from that Discord server where you're all friends, dude. Of course there's a heavy bias in his favour. You literally say "big whoop" to his literal past and present crimes regardless of who it puts at risk "because he hasn't done nothing yet" despite his conditions for release is to safeguard the public from him, and your response is "Big whoop, ItDuz made a comment 13-15 years ago, therefor bad ItDuz"? You've fooled yourself in to thinking the majority of people wouldn't see how messed up that is because you guys have insulated yourself into a friendgroup, but I assure you that the wider public, the law, and government, would not only judge Kholat as insanely guilty, but they would look at people like you as psychotic enablers who thought that was acceptable. So spare me your lectures in thinking you have any room to judge me on any moral level, you don't.

            "By legal definition, Dyat has done crimes."
            On every moral level, he's done crimes, and he refuses to accept his punishment for his crimes, punishments put in place to lessen risk to the general public. You're cool with that. I, and I assure you most people outside of your friendgroup where you wouldn't be able to "Yes-man" each other to oblivion, think that's abhorrent.

            Oh, that's cool. At least he's honest about his excessive law breaking to randos online where there's no consequence. He sounds like a stand up guy, bro.

            Yeah, no shit he doesn't torture animals because his definition of torture was retarded, which is why him saying that I advocated for torturing animals was also retarded by his own denouncing of his prior definition of torture he held when claiming I advocated for torturing animals. That was the point, fuckwit. xD
            Only I can deadass get in to a conversation with Kholat where he's trying to convince me that HE tortured humans and animals while I'm trying to convince him that he didn't, only to have his friend come in like, "HOW DARE YOU SAY HE DONE THOSE THINGS, MUH MISSING CONTEXT!?" While I'm here just facepalming into oblivion.

            You guys are straight up braindead.

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            • "He never once mentioned them as "s*x traffickers" on here he probably hasn't since this only sparked up recently but it's not a new thing, he literally talked about it and mentioned them as sex traffickers 3 years ago on an old discord. it's not some random thing he suddenly came up with right now to make himself appear good just for this current argument. of course he isn't gonna go around the iin website broadcasting it like 'oh hey everyone guess what i killed sex traffickers lol' on every post unless he's specifically asked about what happened like right now. in the years i've known him he has never changed his story or added/removed something in the story that would make it sound suspicious or made up and there is no reason why he would lie especially to his friends, i trust him and he trusts me. you don't want to believe it because you're purposely trying to make him out as some horrible guy and are trying to find holes in his story when there are none. dyat has been nothing but honest and upfront and you are purposely closing your eyes and pretending not to see that.

              again i don't care if he has illegal firearms, it's been years and has he killed anyone again? no so again i don't care it doesn't effect me, it doesn't effect you or anyone else. dyat has schizophrenia but he isn't violent he's treated for it regularly and takes medication for his condition, he is not unstable. dyat does not abuse substances either, like he stated previously he's been clean for a while now so all your attempts to paint him as some crazy schizo who does drugs everyday is completely and blatantly false and stupid, again you are trying to spread false misinformation. do you really think he'd be able to manage an entire farm of what, like 20+ horses and other animals + care for his kid if he was constantly drugged up and unmedicated for his condition? your claims are absolutely insane and unreal.

              the chatlog you showed is dumb and doesn't prove anything since it's only a tiny snippet of multiple messages. dyat already talked about the conversation he had with you on dms and posted screenshots since, you know, he isn't dishonest or a liar like you so badly are attempting to make him out to be. i already know the context of that chatlog and again you are just trying to twist it around to make yourself appear to be the good guy and make dyat look bad.

              "The vast majority of you here taking his side are from that Discord server where you're all friends, dude. Of course there's a heavy bias in his favour" countess and SW haven't talked in the discord for literally months until this all started up, no one messaged them to come make a comment here they decided to come online on their own accord and post their own responses. "You literally say "big whoop" to his literal past and present crimes" yeah because i know the context of them and they aren't so horrible as you're trying to make them out to be. if you went up to a completely random person and told them 3 sex traffickers were killed and asked if the person who killed them be punished do you really think the majority would say yes to punish the person who killed sex traffickers? yeah right if anything most people would think that person did nothing wrong and should be set free. a sex trafficker, a r*pist, a p*dofile, ect. dying is a good thing which any sane person would agree with unless they are one of those thing's themselves or are in support of those grotesque acts.

              you're also being really disgustingly ableist, you're using dyat's mental illness as a weapon to paint him in a bad light which is gross. not to mention randomly bringing his leg into it like what the fuck is wrong with u. dyat has schizophrenia but he is stable and treated for it and regularly gets check ups, the way you're constantly bringing up his condition like he's some fucking wild animal that's gonna snap at a moments notice is disgusting. using the word finder i found 10 times you mentioned his condition and that's not even all the threads, that's only the main thread and not the other's i'd have to click into to see. do you really hate disabled people that much? do you see them all as vicious unstable beasts that can't be cured or treated? because that's what you're acting like right now. you know dyat isn't the only person on this website that might have a physical issue or mental illnesses, you're not making yourself look very good right now.

              no one is on your side unless you've manipulated them or are as horrible as you, yes the people from my discord are the majority in against you but there are IIN users here who are not in my discord nor i have much contact with who can also clearly see how much in the wrong you are. there is no scheming in my discord, no planning to come 'get' you or whatever you think, you're just a genuinely bad person and everyone including people who aren't even on my discord or my friends can see that. i think you yourself genuinely need to go see someone for help, you are unhealthily obsessed with this website and certain users to the point of paranoia and thinking certain users are constantly out to get you. see a therapist or something or genuinely just take a break from IIN for a few months because the levels of your obsession are not healthy.

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        • Context.
          I used the following definition of “Torture”
          “Every millisecond between attack and death is torture”
          Under this definition, feeding mice to snakes, euthanizing a dying animal, the entire meat industry, would be considered “torture”

          I explained this very clearly to Saddle. And he knows this. But he is twisting it anyway.

          Never in my life have I been anything but ethical in my treatment of animals. Anybody who knows me for longer than a minute knows this. I grew up with horses and livestock and competed with both, I’ve had every type of pet under the sun from lizards to chinchillas to every animal you could find on a farm.
          Animals are my livelihood, I own and live on a horse board facility and I train sport horses. I document my rehabilitation of neglected animals and share it openly. I have put tens of thousands of dollars into horses that will never make me a dime. I’m a massive wildlife and nature conservation advocate.
          My horses with soreness go to salt water therapy and receive massages from chiropractors multiple times a year. My barns are heated by solar panels that cost me a fortune. My goats wear coats in the winter.

          Suggesting I am anything less than ethical is insanity. My entire livelihood is based on people recognizing the exceptional care and expertise I provide and hiring me to do the same for the animals they trust me with.

          I have hunted elk and boar with firearms. These animals were harvested with nothing going to waste. I raise livestock for harvest. They live impeccable lives and are shown in livestock shows before harvest.

          I won’t bother with anything else in this stupid argument. The guy is nuts and impossible. But I won’t have my ethics bashed.

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          • Extra context!
            He abandoned that "definition of torture" only yesterday mid-way through our conversation only after his attempts to claim I tortured animals would mean that he himself has tortured humans and animals by his own definition, to which he then jumped between three completely different definitions.

            This means, that since he only done this yesterday, the humans and animals he killed years ago, was done with his view that he was willingly torturing them.

            I've grown up around animals too, in fact I also have a history of working with rescues to help animals, does that mean you claims of me torturing animals aren't true by that fact alone? You wouldn't afford that to me so why would it apply to you?

            "Suggesting I am anything less than ethical is insanity."
            ...You killed five people and to this day are breaking laws. I don't know where your definition of "Ethical" comes from but I'm sure your farm has some flying pigs on it.

            If only you had the same enthusiasm to not break the law or break your parole conditions for killing five people as you do defending your "ethics" then this conversation wouldn't exist.

            Edit* You sneaky Bakka, I caught that edit.
            Just like to point out, Pink, that means he would have painted you in the same light as me if I didn't make him budge from his initial use of the word "torture".

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    • Yeah hi, I'm another (old timey) IIN user you've never heard of. I actually haven't been on in ages & I just signed on to read this thread because my regular life *as in not of the internet* friend just texted me that he commented.

      Anywho, I just felt the need to comment too because I feel so bad that you have anxiety over upsetting people & I can see how it would look like you inadvertently created some type of massive drama with an innocent comment.

      You really didn't do anything & the apology is completely unnecessary. You just accidentally kicked a hornets nest during a nice Sunday stroll & now youre like WHAT THE EXTRA FUCK

      You're new. This site has been around for like...fuck knows how many years, and the premise of a site designed to ask if your weird little habits are normal is a great one. Having said that, this site used to be completely unmoderated and is still barely moderated. That means it attracted plenty of people who were asking if it's normal to rape their grandma or fuck their dog or strangle bunnies (like saddlegoose) & this included stuff about ch8ldren & every other dark topic you can imagine. Those topics are luckily banned now, but unfortunately some of the horrible users have escaped moderation by toning down their sick, preverted behaviour

      No one was trying to start drama, they were trying to warn you away from the few (and there's not too many) users left who just say horrific and unconscionable shit & then try to minimize it.

      I'm guessing you've seen weird guy using gay slurs & racial slurs? He's said much worse...much much worse

      And the user itduz/saddlegoose/wistle dick has spent over a decade on here saying horrendous things & people haven't forgotten it & the only reason it turned into an argument is because after lying about that not being his account and being caught red handed he is now resorting to attacking other users and their past since he can not fathom taking responsibility for being the piece of shit he is. He has mental disorders that prevent him from doing he calls out people for whatever & forgets that he used to post about arson & supposedly being in the Scottish mafia (hahahaha) & strangling his moms boyfriend in a fugue state whilst saying "kill them all"

      He's legit an animal torturing psycho. People were trying to warn you, I'm guessing cause they like you

      But hey, if you want to reserve judgement just stick around & read what he says with a cynical eye. You'll see enough thinly veiled Trans hate & a not so thinly veiled seething hatred & disgust for women. Make up your own mind.

      And I wasn't in the discord lately so I can't speak for them, but I'm like 99.99% sure they talked about this for like 2 seconds. The discord is all jokes & people being friendly. Vaas is an absolute sweetheart. There's no way in hell he'd be mad at you.

      Hahahahaha I'm just picturing what vaas said & I'm sure I'm right

      "Why woukd saddlegoose be mean to my beastie. He's trying to make him look bad.

      Anyways, I got a new chicken"

      These people legit don't care. They were just like...girl NO

      This website has low fucking standards & there's tons of assholes here. There are so many users that I and others find distasteful and badly behaved and who's politics & opinions I find offensive. This user is different. He crossed so many lines.

      He not only admitted to ENJOYING excersizing his URGES to harm on small animals (very different than hunting for food and pest control - a billshit excuse) but ENCOURAGED a mentally ill person to TRY IT.

      Notice how he never once admitted that was wrong or disgusting. He called it embarrasing. How disturbing to call suggesting someone torture animals "embarassing" teenage shenanigans and not sick. It's all minimization & excuses

      As I said, you are free to make up your own mind, but don't be naive. There are some sick puppies on the internet & a forum where people get to ask if some weird thing they do is normal attracts sick puppies

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      • (SaddleGoose here)
        I knew you'd end up entering all of this. Avengers assemble! If you're here that means the other one is here too, right? Oh yup, S.W here too. Auk the joys.

        This is CountessDouche, the person that originated the initial claims. This is someone who's whole IIN presence is now dedicated to me in one way or another, who gets so mad over losing political debates that she ends up having midnight phone calls about me...Not. Even. Joking. She's sneaky with her wordings but I can put things more in to perspective. She's jumped in here as someone that is also part of the server, so her jumping in to defend a five times murderer just to get at me? It's not a shock, she genuinely despises me.

        The people "trying to warn her" about me is a convicted murderer who tortured humans and animals by his own admission, who is currently breaking not only his parole conditions but also a bunch of other crimes that would see him have life in prison umpteen times over. She has no problem with that, though. Only me.

        When she says, "That means it attracted plenty of people who were asking if it's normal to rape their grandma or fuck their dog or strangle bunnies (like saddlegoose)".
        Let me show you exactly what I mean with how deceitful she is. She's not referring to me making posts about "f*cking dogs" or "raping a grandma", she's saying that in regards to someone else but she has purposely worded it to make it seem like "I" made such posts, when the reality is that the only post she's *actually* attributes to me is the rabbit killing one. Funnily enough, I don't remember this Rabbit one and I've asked NUMEROUS times to show me where she got this one from and to this day she won't bring it up, so I can only assume she's lying.

        As for lying about me being ItDuz on the SaddleGoose account? Haha. Yeah. It was pretty funny. For how clever you think you are I couldn't believe how much time you invested into proving it with the hubris of, "I cracked the code!"...After I admitted to being ItDuz within my first entrance to the IIN chat with the Goose account. I genuinely found it funny that I kept it up until you seemed to be gone from the site, making the purpose of saying I wasn't ItDuz pointless. It was pretty hilarious watching you guys go through paragraphs of it while I'm just like, "Mofo, I told you guys at the very start! xD"

        By the way, I don't have any mental condition. Don't know where she got that from, she's just adding it in, in fact don't you have some mental issues yourself, Countess that you actually see a specialist? Or am I mistaken? No shade if so, I just find it weird you'd try to attack someone on mental illness who doesn't have any while having mental issues yourself if true.

        Now this should be the tell. Look at this. She admits herself that I just bullshitted about things to seem edgy. "In the Mafia"? Does this not further demonstrate that I did make up edgy things to look a certain way, Countess? Why am I feeling Daja vu? Oh wait, I think I remember having this conversation with S.W where he admitted that all the claims you've made about me seem less likely to be true than actually true. xD

        Then comes the "Kill them all" part. Again, edginess. I've already said this but she's left it out intentionally. I got that from DMC3 soundtrack, trying to sound edgy. She took is as serious, to this day she thinks this is real. xD
        As for the strangling my mother's then Boyfriend? That is actually true. I was a young boy, about sixteen I think. He was majorly abusive and he attacked me. Turns out I was stronger than him at that point and I had him on the floor strangling him after he attacked me, to which the shock and/or adrenaline had me not let go of him because I was scared given he told me that if I let him up he would grab a knife from the counter and stab me. She's literally trying to mock me for domestic violence I suffered as a kid. That's the calibur of person Countess is.

        So no, I didn't "torture" any animals, she made that tf up and when I called her out on it she wouldn't provide any evidence, however she is now in here in defense of a man that just admitted to me yesterday that he tortured both human beings and animals, but she will have no problem with that because he's not me.

        I'll also agree with Countess here, read me with a cynical eye and make up your own opinion. I'm an open book these days, in fact I will even suggest you ask Countess to provide every bit of evidence she has of her claims so you can see (remember to ask for how long ago they are) and I can respond.

        As for my view on Trans people and women, you can just ask me about it? I'm pretty sure she's just stuck in the mindset that people don't change after fifteen years but my views have changed in multiple ways, she wants you to see me as the edgy kid I was, not the person I am today.

        "These people legit don't care".
        Countess, so many people from that server are in here running defense for him, you and S.W came out of IIN retirement to do it. What are you talking about? xD

        "This user is different, he crossed so many lines!"
        You're currently in here taking the defense of a convicted murderer who thinks they're above the law and therefor continues to break the law despite his parole conditions for murdering five people.
        ...I made a few edgy comments. Tf you mean "He crossed so many lines"? From my "Mafia days"? xD

        Yes, we've already been through the edgy comments made, she responded to that already, but why are you still lying. Nobody said exercizing urges to "harm" animals, you're playing semantics. We were talking about "KILLING" small animals, like one would with hunting. Why are you intentionally changing and leaving out that as if I'm not going to bring it up? People enjoy hunting, it's a sport. Yet, despite this, I even admit that it was a stupid comment to make because I'm not a psychologist and I couldn't know if someone taking out their urges to kill in an acceptable sport such as hunting would be a good thing to do, which you again leave out.

        "Notice how he never once admitted that was wrong?"
        ...I literally did in this comment section, you dope. Scroll down. I said exactly what I just repeated above about not being a psychologist. I won't accuse you of lying on that one, maybe you just didn't notice it.

        You're right, she shouldn't be naive. She should ask you for evidence of me saying that I torture animals. I have plenty from Kholat saying he tortured humans and animals from yesterday where he followed it up by saying he's not a peaceful man. You got any thoughts on that, or is this just another case of Countess STILL being pissy about the fact that you just suck at debating and have held on to so much anger over it for this long?


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        • Looks like you put a lot of time & effort into typing that out. It probably takes a lot of time and effort to try and make yourself look like less of a piece of shit after suggesting a mentally ill person torture animals.

          Since you spent all that time, I just thought I'd let you know, I'm not going to read that. Just not interested, unfortunately

          Because there's really nothing you can say

          You're a piece of shit. You know it. I know it.

          You told someone to try torturing animals, just like you.

          There's really nothing left to say lol

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          • Meh, somewhat, somewhat. Ya'know, it's not really hard to do. Every time you tell these lies I just type out what I said last time and you end up responding like this not even trying to substantiate your lies. It is what it is, amigo.

            Every time. xD
            You jump in, spouting a mountain of lies, then upon being responded to you're like, "Huh, I don't even care!"
            Sad. We've done this so many times now Countess that the next step in the trend is after you've ignored the response to your lies, you go over to cheerlead for S.W. I'm actually going to ask you not to do that this time, I don't know if I can deal with both his and your ego combined. xD

            Well, there's plenty to say, just not on your half. You said a bunch of nonsense, left out all the information you were told on it from the last time you brought it up, like why I ended up choking my step dad because I was a scared kid being threatened to be killed by a psychotic abusive boyfriend of my mother's after being attacked by him, literal child abuse I was enduring and you're trying to use that against me, and suddenly that's being brought up again you want to bow out? I mean? K.

            I'm not a piece of shit, actually. You know what the hilarity is? I'm actually a pretty good guy, I just disagree with you on politics. Like, you don't even know my work history and I've never told you because it's so different from what you believe that there would be no point in even telling you. xD

            I never told someone to try torturing animals, you're lying again even though I caught you out on this last time. I suggested that the person take out his urge to "kill", not "torture" out on small creatures, along the lines of hunting. There's absolutely no way you can reasonably twist that in to "torture" and the fact you attempt to only shows exactly why you're just a vile individual.

            "There's really nothing left to say."
            No, there really isn't, because even you understand that being in here taking issue with me but not a 5x murderer just shines a large light on the fact that you aren't after me because your moral compass leads you to be, the reason you have issues with me is your ego, which is why you acted this way towards me waaaaay before you found the comments you take out of context and/or lie about.

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            • Once again, I'm not reading that.

              We both know what you did.

              All of your attempts to deflect and malign and discredit and insult other people, all your attempts to minimize and excuse what you did, all your attempts to redirect the conversation to iin bs tell me all I need to know

              You aren't even sorry

              Like I said. You're a piece of shit. I know it. You know it.

              Now everyone knows it.

              There's nothing you can say.

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  • So you're going by "SaddleGoose" now nerd? Haha whats up douche bag, it's Tanner from Highschool. Remember me? Me and the guys used to give you a hard time in school. Sorry you were just an easy target lol. I can see not much has changed. Remember Sarah the girl you had a crush on? Yeah we're married now. I make over 200k a year and drive a mustang GT. I guess some things never change huh loser? Nice catching up lol. Pathetic..

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  • I don't imagine blocking Kholat. Like, if you don't want to answer something he says, just ignore him. It's not like he spams crap, at least not that I've seen.

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  • I think i'm pretty cool so you are wrong

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  • I hate everyone until they prove themselves to be a likeable character.

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    • I can understand your viewpoint, but you should know that that mindset is unhealthy, and will make it harder for you to make friends and connect with people, although I assume you wouldn't want to anyway.

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    • That can be hard to gauge. A lot of terrible people know how to hide their shittiness and fake being a likeable person. At that point, it becomes more of an issue of whether you want to be okay being friends with someone you know is fake or be friends with a bad person

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      • I have imaginary friends. Pretty much 99% of what other people says pisses me off.

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  • Hey Faggots,

    My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.

    Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than "jack off to naked drawn Japanese people"? I also get straight A's, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

    Pic Related: It's me and my bitch

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    • Okay so what I'm getting is that you hate gays and the mentally disabled AND you want people to die. Let me take a guess you're a cis white man that hates cancer patients? Yep. Your kind ALWAYS hates cancer patients. Listen up. I do not approve of the bigotry that you have posted so I demand you take it down fucking bigot.

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    • Found an f bomb.

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      • Are you calling me a fag?

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      • It was used here as a general insult since his post was directed towards straight males. Note the "gotten any pussy" and "banging hot girlfriend". This isn't hate directed towards LGBT.

        This is also a copypasta.

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        • Maybe but its also true

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        • Don't worry I'm not gonna use this as some kind of gotcha. I just wanted to point it out.

          On that post it was a really bad day for me. I'm in a good mood 99% of the time and the list of things that make me mad is pretty small so I'm not used to feeling angry.

          On top of that the thing that was making me angry was completely out of my control so I felt like a bee being shaken in a jar lol.

          Sorry if I came off kind of bitchy.

          I am very poorly versed in copypasta so I probably will not recognize when you use one on me.

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          • Oh, no worries. I actually didn't know it was a copypasta either at first. I just got suspicious at the wording and decided to check it out.

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  • Thank you.

    I am not good with words and you all seem smarter than me and better with words than me.

    I can't really keep up too well as I've never been good at communicating or picking up social cues.

    So if it got directed at me I wouldn't be able to deal with it.

    The people who don't like you have been nice to me but who knows how many people don't like you that haven't commented yet and could possibly react hostility to me.

    I don't want anybody to not like me I just want friendly interactions.

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  • Pretty normal since most the comments are trolls who want you to hate them.

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  • I used the word edgy to describe your comment because you just used baseless insults and your overall tone seemed unnecessarily aggressive, like you're trying to be some kind of Internet "badass." You're kind of like a baboon beating on its chest to show dominance, except you're a grown man sitting by yourself, alone, typing hurtful comments on a website because you're angry and pathetic.

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  • He’s memeing with a copypasta

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  • Where did all this animosity between you two even come from in the first place?

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    • The point that made me not stand the guy is when he created the account WhistleBain, where he told everyone he wasn’t SG, asked his way into Vaas’s server because he thought people were talking about him and we wanted to prove we weren’t, kept up the line that he was not SG, started fights with everyone because we all knew he was SG, and then in private DMs again tried to tell me he wasn’t SG literally a few months ago.

      His dm to me from the WB discord account
      “ If this is in regards to SaddleGoose you should ask them. Because me asking someone online not to say anything about anything is not me. If I say something I don't expect it to be kept secret in good faith, so if I was SaddleGoose I wouldn't be like, "Yo, Dyat, I'm SaddleGoose, please don't tell anyone mr random person online". Like, come on. Okay, you're fuckin' with me. I getcha. xD”
      Where he tried to gaslight me into thinking I was crazy for knowing it was him. (For context my name is Dyat)

      His entire time on the discord server he(WB) tried to say he wasn’t SG, but clearly in this post he is openly saying he was on the server.

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  • I just see that as a badge of honor

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  • Did he ever give you the story about the person/people he killed? Murder's fucked up and in my opinion there's nothing that justifies it. The reason I ask is because I'd feel better about the idea of like, a gangbanger murdering another gangbanger than an innocent getting killed

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    • It was gang related, this was nearly 10 years ago when there were still insurgency efforts within Chechnya. The men that died that day were trafficker Chechens (not legal citizens) and leftover less-organized Russian bratva (Russian gangs). More than 3 people.

      I was not in a gang, but I was with gangsters at the time when other things were going down
      I was given 1 count of murder (a Russian gangmember citizen) and multiple counts of voluntary manslaughter (illegal Chechens) the murder rate of the region I was in was 25x the rate of the United States. This was not a silent suburban neighborhood.

      I pled guilty and was sentenced to 10 years in prison, where I served under 3 years before being ‘released’ on a work contract. The work ? A border guard, where I was armed and detained/processed illegals and migrants. I was set to enter Russia’s branch of search and rescue officially once my parole was up, but I was injured on the border.
      Clearly nobody was too upset with me. My parole ends 2025.

      Also context into why I go absolute apeshit over “sex work” and why Goose’s relaxed response to Tate’s trafficking allegations drove me mad.

      Life is life, I expect no one to believe what I did was right, I am very open about my belief in action being necessary and violence being an option. Not always a popular opinion.

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      • So you weren't part of any "gang" but you just happened to be situated with a "gang" when this "Gang violence" took place?

        All three of these individuals were traffickers. You somehow just happened to know this ahead of time? As for the manslaughter charges, you initially said they were traffickers and then claim they were just illegal Chechens.
        Did you kill the immigrants the traffickers were trafficking in to the country? What was the nature of this trafficking? You imply it was sex trafficking by bringing up the Tate case, yet you say you killed "Illegal Chechens" as well in the list of people you killed.

        As for the 25x murder rate. I don't know why you're giving the, "Well everybody else is doing it, mom!" response to murder, but heyho.

        A border patrol job after killing immigrants? How very Russian.

        As for you claiming I was "relaxed" over Tate's trafficking charge. Save your moral outrage. You've read my thoughts on the matter and that I've openly said Tate can rot if he's found guilty of those crimes, so why you're lying I have no idea.

        I'm still waiting for the response to my direct reply though. You seemed eager to talk to me, so I hope I'm just early and you're typing it up now, given you started all of this.

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        • No your honor I was not a gang member

          They were Chechens, from Chechnya, within Russia illegally, acting as traffickers. Chechnya had a small “independence” stint. Geopolitics nonsense.
          When you ask a question, wait for the response, before you spiral out of control with information from guesses you made up in your head. Situational context matters, even in a court of law. I didn’t kill immigrants.

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          • So how did you just happen to be amongst gang members? How were you aware that they were "Chechens" within Russia "Illegally" and were "Trafficking", and in that spot at that time? What form of trafficking are we talking here? As in trafficking refugees or sex trafficking, or labour trafficking? Elaborate. I'd like to know.

            Okay, here's another question. Were you responsible for the deaths of some that were being "trafficked"?

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  • Man, this post caused quite the discussion

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    • Did you just hit me with a 16 year old meme? You truly are the superior intellect

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  • Tasty duck you’ll get the claws you fuck

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  • yeah. Screw humanity

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  • :(

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  • I would too

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  • Yeah some of the people on here definitely suck but there are some people here that aren't terrible like Saddlegoose and Litelander.

    I'm envious of Litelander's talent in the art of sarcasm and not taking shit from people lol.

    I seem to have caused some tension. I feel the need to apologize it was not my intent. Sorry to everybody who gets into an argument because of me!

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    • “As for the "killing" people part, I know that feeling. I also prefer the idea of killing people I like over the ones I don't. Most of the time I don't even consider the thought towards people I dislike.
      I am curious, have you tested these urges on smaller creatures? The feeling is something else, and given you feel the same in some ways as myself, perhaps you may enjoy it also.” - Saddlegoose
      He’s terrible. lol.

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      • Oh, man. I was waiting for an opener and I knew as soon as Pinkpickle, or let's be honest, anyone was painting me as a good egg you would be right in there to stop it, Kholat. Very brave. Damn! I love that you did this.

        Well I guess we're sharing! Should we share that you've murdered three people and are a convicted felon for it? Oh! Oh! How about we share the part where you're a self admitted schizophrenic? Now mix those two together and what do we get? Well we get a very good argument for gun control, huh? OOPS Turns out that while you're simping for Russia over the Ukraine debacle and how amazing your country is you have no problem breaking their laws, such as having an arsenal of illegally owned firearms as a convicted violent felon with mental health problems and a history of substance abuse (cocaine to be exact).

        For someone with at least one working leg I thought you'd have one to stand on here, but you really don't. All you've got from me is an edgy comment regarding hunting, a sport and activity your own family takes part in from one of our previous conversations which you take part in the hunting process.

        So what exactly is your deal here? Are you too used to hanging around on Discord with people ten years younger than you constantly validating you, making you a tad unaccepting of anyone else being given kudos? You can't "There's only room on this site for one good person! >:(" your way through this conversation with your crimes, Kholat. Move on, let it be. Someone thought I was nice, you'll survive.

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        • “ Oh, man. I was waiting for an opener - Very brave. Damn! I love that you did this. “
          So you’ve been baiting me and waiting for me to mention you like you’ve done multiple times about me, directly and indirectly ? Why not just unbl*ck me and talk to me if you wanted to hear what I think about you so bad ? “Very brave” Let’s not forget who bl*cked who.
          You chose to talk about me and not give me a chance to defend myself, I have never done that

          “*insert biography about me*”
          You’ve repeated my crimes across multiple comments now within an hour, fine, this is no issue to me, I’ve been transparent about these things on here multiple times. I’m open about my prison history, I talk about my schizophrenia only when I’m on a post where someone has their own mental health issues and I’m trying to show that it’s incredibly manageable. Im open about my history with drug abuse because I’m over a year clean, I argue hard against the use of drugs and even push for a reduction in prescription drugs, I use my own experience to explain this thinking.
          Also big whoop I keep illegal guns, Jesus, call the cops about it. I live on a farm in the middle of Siberia, I like history, this is Russia, I’m going to own multiple types of guns.

          “ For someone with at least one working leg “
          Bruh. Well your traps suck

          “ Disc*rd with people ten years younger than you validating you “
          The youngest regular is 23, the rest are in their mid-late 20’s with half of us in our 30’s. I’m 32. Vaas invites everyone, it’s his server, not mine. “Validating” me lmfao, that’s called getting along with people Goose. That’s what having friends is like. We don’t have debates or arguments over there it’s just goofing off and relaxing.
          You were in the server. Which you’ve commented about across multiple posts. You pissed everyone off so bad because you lied and said you weren’t SaddleG**se. Our last DM conversation was you claiming you weren’t SaddleG**se. I booted you months after our argument, the final straw was you making an Andrew Tate simp post after his alleged sex trafficking arrest. You rarely ever came on there, multiple people hated you more than I ever did, and you pissed me off with the post so I booted you.

          I tried to find peace with you so many times dude, I wanted to talk in dms so we didn’t have this “audience” you want so damn bad. The “dirty laundry”, since you won’t talk to me privately to clear the air, is because you think I’m in cahoots with Count or something and I never was, you got some long history with her I was never apart of. I don’t get this satisfaction you get out of making personal stuff public, I think it’s unbecoming, but you look how excited this all makes you. Psych case.

          I know that quote makes you drop that mask. You can xD all you want but I wish you would drop this act and speak truthfully, if you’re even capable of that.
          Don’t act like I’m dancing around, I quoted the parts of your response I responded to directly

          I’m being sh*dowb*nned or some shit so I’m trying to c*nsor whatever the hell could be triggering it

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          • You're a D-bag. You reply as soon as I start my workout. I'll have to type in between sets.

            1. Wrong. I clearly stated I was "waiting" for an opener, not manifesting an opener myself, which is what "baiting" implies. You're already trying to misrepresent what is happening(lie).
            You then say that I have both directly and indirectly referenced you but then follow it up by saying "Why don't you unlock me so we can talk"...That's what we're doing now.
            However, I already know what you think of me because we've had this discussion before, and you were fully able to communicate with me in the IIN chat room. Not only this, but I was ALWAYS willing to chat to you on the Discord server, a server YOU kicked me from after our last debate. So this idea that you're open to talking to me is fictitious. I took away one out of three avenues for us to communicate, and you're lying about having no ability to communicate with me despite us having multiple conversations after I blocked you on here.
            So this idea that I've never given you a chance to defend yourself is a lie. You've had multiple ways to defend your position and talk to me, it's not my fault you didn't take up those options.

            2. Yeah, I did. Kind of like how you openly tried to spread rumours about me on a subject you and I have talked about before, a conversation in which you have ignored to further spread these rumours to others here. What, did you think you were able to try and weaponize edgy comments made around 15 years ago and also LIE about the torture element that was never within those comments to portray me as a monster without your far, FAR worse moral failings being brought up in response? Very silly.
            You being a schizophrenic isn't a moral failing, you being a violent schizophrenic with a substance abuse problem as a convicted felon owning illegal firearms IS the problem. You can't even abide by your own penance for your crimes that you think it's no big deal that you can't even stick to your punishment for murdering three people, and you then respond saying, "Oh, big whoop, I'm a violent convicted murderer with schizophrenia and a history of substance abuse who owns an arsenal of fire arms because I'm above the law and don't have any idea of decency that would see me to abide by my punishment for my crimes." Like, eat shit, dude. You killed three people and you can't stick to your punishment for it? Absolutely ridiculous.
            So when your response to all of that is, "Well at least I'm honest", I'm just going to respond telling you that your honesty means nothing compared to your crimes and your unwillingness to even TRY to pay for your crimes. Three people dead, Kholat. That's what you did.

            My traps? You just mad I could beat you at a footrace and take you out with a fist bump. ;)

            "Vaas invites everyone, it's his server, not mine."
            Weird, Vaas told me you kicked me from the server, so why are you trying to downplay your abilities in this server as a mod?

            "You pissed everyone off"
            My Guy, a bunch of people on that server were pissed off with me before I ever joined, it was the first thing Vaas said to me before trying to invite me to the server in which I rejected joining BECAUSE I didn't want to piss people off with my presence, but Vaas asking me multiple times finally got me to join.
            Okay, so you even admit you kicked me from the server where you had access to talk to me, so why are you trying to pretend you had no avenue to have your say with me when it was you that snipped your own ability to do so? "I can't defend myself! :'(! *kicks Goose from communications* D': It's not fair!" You do make me chuckle sometimes.

            I tried to find peace with you so many times, dude."
            Stop. The nerve of you claiming false civility from me when this current situation has come about as a result of you lying to me because someone happened to say something nice to me shows that this isn't true. You were nice to me so far as you could afford to be, which is why you're so willing to lie to me right now.

            You're damn right I like an audience, Kholat. Do you think it's a bad thing to want others to see what is being said? You do realize you're trying to criticize me for not allowing you to hide what you want to say to me to everyone else? I'm not going to talk to you privately so that you can be a weasel and talk all nice to me in private while making malicious lies about me in public, that's cowardly to me with a lack of any grace.

            Hey, #PinkPickle, notice this here. He's trying to allude to past conversations with other users now. This is the type of pivoting I'm referring to. He's trying to change the topic by baiting past dramas. Watch how I deal with this and his response to it. Notice that he has done nothing thus far to defend his initial lies about me while validating everything I've said about him.
            So, Kholat. You're saying I think you're in cahoots with Count? Didn't we have a conversation where I accepted I was wrong in assuming you and Count were in cahoots? Why are you lying about the Count thing as if we haven't had that discussion? Just another example of your, at this point compulsive lying tendencies.

            "I don't get what satisfaction you get out of making personal stuff public".
            - You just admitted in your response that you never tried to hide your immoral acts from the public, so why are you lying by suggesting I have shared private personal stuff when you admit you never hid it?
            - You don't get to criticize me for bringing up your moral failings in life after you try to publicly lie about mine, especially when your crime is MURDER.
            - #PinkPickle, notice this here. He's currently trying to shame me for bringing his personal character in to question after he has initiated this behaviour to try and spread malicious lies about my morality. This is the type of behaviour that contributed to me blocking Kholat, he's just incapable of self reflection.
            As for calling me a psych case. Again. Thank you, Mr 3x murderer, schizophrenic, substance abusing, illegal firearm owning, parole breaking, individual. I'll be sure to put that in my psych notes. xD

            This isn't an act, amigo. I like to emote to set the tone in which way I'm saying something via text because the intent and emotions behind words can get confused, and emotes help to express the intent behind words. If I'm laughing, making a joke, or find something ridiculous, I'll emote to show as such. If I'm not happy about something, I'll emote about it. I'm so very sorry that me "emoting" is something you get so uneasy over. It's 2023, people emote, my guy.

            "I wish you would drop this act and speak truthfully."
            Kholat, not only have you admitted to everything I said being true about you but you haven't even tried to defend yourself in response to me calling out the lies you were trying to spread about me. Do you really think this is going in your favour? That I'm the one being demonstrated as a liar here? Have some self respect and at least realize where the wind is blowing in this discussion.

            So in summary, let's just put this conversation in to perspective. (This is more so for PinkPickle than you, comrade).
            - Kholat Lied in claiming I was "baiting" him despite my comment not suggesting such a thing.
            - Kholat has openly admitted the things I said about him being true.
            - Kholat has said absolutely nothing in response to me highlighting him lying about the things he initially claimed about me.
            - Kholat's view of going against his parole for KILLING PEOPLE is, "So what, cuz? I live in the mountains and sheet, the law don't apply to me".

            And as a side note, I will say this, Kholat. People disliking me in that server has never bothered me. It never bothered me when I joined and it never bothered me when you kicked me. I'm fully aware of why they dislike me and it has nothing to do with my character and everything to do with my ability to discuss topics, as evident by them liking you despite being arguably the worst person to ever enter this site. Now I won't say all of them are bad people, probably most aren't, but if you think I'm going to be upset at the fact that the people that like the company of a 3x murdering, violent schizophrenic, with a history of substance abuse and an illegally owned arsenal, but don't like me? I don't take that as a slight against my character but an example of going in the right direction.

            I'm honestly stunned that this was your response. We can stop here if you like, I don't think you realized that this response just validated everything I said.

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            • i'm kinda surprised that i'm siding with the murderer more than the compulsive liar. kholat might be a shit human being but he at least owns up to it and is transparent, unlike the guy who's so manipulative and all over the place with his "personas" that you literally can't trust a word he says

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      • Unless I'm misunderstanding the comment; Everybody has had intrusive thoughts about killing someone.

        Intrusive thoughts are called so for a reason. You have absolutely no control over them. It's physically impossible. So I don't think people should be judged for them.

        I will admit I have owned carnivorous animals before so I have developed an apathy to small animals and feel nothing seeing them pass but I can't condone torturing small animals and won't defend it.

        I've never had any kind of bad experience with them and I appreciate their frequent positivity and use of smiley faces. This website desperately needs more positivity so it's nice to see.

        I also haven't seen them make any outright anti man/woman/gay/trans/race comments which makes them a standout and in my eyes makes them a better person than quite a few people on this site.

        I haven't been here long so this is all I have to go on.

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        • The comment recommends the killing of small animals to satisfy urges to kill others. That is outright animal cruelty. The harming of others to satisfy an “urge” to harm is psychopathic.
          I hunt and raise animals for harvest, getting “satisfaction” out of taking a life is insanity. Doing so for no reason other than enjoyment is insanity.
          He directly says he “enjoy”s testing his urges on smaller animals.
          Not an intrusive thought as he directly says he “prefers the idea” of killing certain people over others.

          They are a chronic sexist, I’m not sure how you’ve missed that, repeatedly “anti-woman”. Incel issue. Dude openly despises women

          I’ve known them for years over their multiple accounts, they’re a psych case. Look past the tone and smiley faces and read the actual content of their words. They are portraying “niceness” not “kindness”, false civility. Also have a horrible lying problem.

          More quote from that comment -
          “ Come to think of it, I do not think we are the same. It seems you don't have a persona, hence the reasons for faking them, which isn't quite like having a persona and using fake personalities because you know "your" persona will be frowned upon.” - Saddlegose
          Sometimes he thinks he’s clever and brags about how “sneaky” he is by coming across with his positive and friendly “persona”. He roleplays on here.

          I appreciate you being very optimistic about finding positivity, but you will not find it in that guy.

          Also I saw his response to the Andrew Tate thing and he bullshitted his way like crazy. Can’t respond because the post author blocked me.

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          • He reads all my shit even though he blocked me so I know he’s going to comment some “hehehahahoho did he say that about little ole me xD? Giggle blush teehee” AHHHHH CURBSTOMP CURBSTOMP CURBSTOMP

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          • That's a bit generous. Sadly, it in no way suggested that doing so was for the benefit of reducing the urge to kill humans (as twisted of advice as that would still be). Rather, it simply asked if they had ever thought about trying it out, knowing full and well it is the stepping stone to murder that virtually all serial killers have in common.

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          • Hmmm, well, if they have truly said anti women comments I guess I just haven't been at the right place at the right time to see it.

            I've only been on here for 2 months tops so maybe it was just said before I showed up.

            I'm going to withhold judgement until I see it for myself.

            I mean no offense saying this but it doesn't feel right to change my opinion based on anecdotal evidence that I haven't seen with my own eyes.

            I definitely cannot condone the torture or killing of small animals for pleasure however.

            About the Andrew Tate thing. I know absolutely nothing about him so I only have what you guys have said to go on. So I have no idea what is and isn't true.

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            • Suggesting torturing animals to satisfy urges and saying you “enjoy” it is enough for me to make a decision about a person. That’s my final piece.

              I think you’re nice. Good luck to you.

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            • Hey, Pink. Just a heads up, if you get any messages like this and are curious to know about them, you're always free to ask me. Kholat is a sneaky little bakka. I have blocked him, reason being he's a pain to have a discussion with and for reasons like this. For example, me and him have discussed that topic before and he has intentionally left out what I expressed to him in that conversation to paint me in a bad light. So I thought I'd weigh in. Reality is, this guy likes to think highly of himself and we've had many discussions and most of them have ended with him unable to keep up, and he's taken that super personally. You might even get to witness it happen here since I've unblocked him for the time being.

              He's talking about a comment I made about 13-14 years ago (yeah, that long). Back in the day I was an edgy boy still trying to find an identity, so I looked to characters like Dexter, Tate Langton, and the likes to emulate that appearance online. I tried to give off the impression of being the "edgy boi", so I'd twist the truth a little. Most I've killed? A mouse that already had it's stomach ripped open by a cat, essentially a mercy kill. As for "torturing" animals. Ask him for the quote. He just randomly added that in there. The comment he's referencing did not once say "torture" animals. I'm still waiting for that quote a year later. Try to push him for it and watch him worm about the request and you'll get a good example of the character that is "Kholat", but be warned, once you start noticing his habits you might get as fed up with him as I did and block him too. xD

              As for the "fake civility". That's his interpretation. I won't lie, I'll call people stupid if I feel like they're being stupid unjustifiably (kinda like how Kholat has openly called for murder on people, but hey-ho), but I like to think I'm fair, and I like to think you've experienced that fairness from me when I recognized I was the problem in one of our conversations?

              I have no idea where he got the "He brags about being sneaky with positivity on here" line, I'd like to know in particular what he's referencing, it might be one of those 13-14 year ago quotes he needs to rely on. Haha.

              As for the response to the Andrew Tate point, he's lying to you. He did respond to me in the IIN chatroom which allows blocked users to communicate with each other. So he absolutely did respond to me and I was open to having that conversation with him, and immediately he tried to get me alone in Discord so others couldn't see the conversation, which I wouldn't allow, I thought an audience would be better. He kept trying to get me alone and away from other people seeing, and even low-key threatened me with a "Wouldn't want your dirty laundry spilled" line, to which I called his bluff and I guess this is what he meant, which is funny because he knows I can deal with this topic rather well. I can only assume he really wanted my attention.

              Now, do you want the kicker here? This guy? The worst he has on me is that I said once, about 15 years ago, that I said I essentially hunted (despite hunting himself? Lol), this guy is an actual convicted murderer, he killed 3 people, he got deported from a country, sentenced over a decade in prison for it, is a schizophrenic (which on it's own isn't a bad thing but keep listening) has a history of drug problems, AND he is currently breaking the law by owning an arsenal of illegally owned firearms as a convicted felon with mental health problems and a history of drug abuses.
              So when this guy, arguably the worst person to come on this site to my knowledge, is trying to morally question my character based on a comment made fifteen years ago? I have this reaction: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

              Edit: Omg. Yeah, I forgot to add. His "He says he likes to kill people over others" comment? The comment he's referring to is actually a quote from one of the TV characters I tried to emulate about 15 years ago. xD

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      • What's the context for that comment?

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        • As the person who brought this all (back) to light in the first place, I'm arguably more qualified to tell you than anyone. So first I'm going to give you the shortest version I can because I know you probably don't want to read the long version and I don't blame you. It's a long tale from petty to twisted.

          The post was from an OP experiencing homicidal thoughts. If you know anything about the Macdonald triad or serial killers, you'll know the single most common thing about them is the decision to kill animals as a stepping stone to humans. ItDuz (SaddleGoose), commented about his own desires to murder people, notably (and peculiarly) people close to him more than anyone else. He then went on to elaborate on the joys of harming creatures smaller than oneself and asked if the OP had tried it yet. It was a fairly in depth interaction. This is also far from the only sickening thing he ever did; it was just the only one I had to bring up to dismantle him when he was once again spreading false information about me. I _proved_ what I had I to say.

          These days he likes to say he was "oh, so young" and just wanted to be edgy. But he wasn't a little kid; he was more than old enough to know the exact sort of thing he could potentially provoke, especially as someone interested in serial killers and mass murderers like Dexters (Dexter) and Tates (American Horror Story) who he idolized. Dexter was his purported favorite. He also never bothered to address this and never felt the need to clear any of it up as he aged. That didn't really seem necessary for him until he was called out. It's also interesting that he told OP he would react to being outed in the same way he ultimately reacted to being outed. Rather, he just slowly learned over the years that he needed to tone some things down and he did so gradually while keeping more or less the same opinions for his entire life. That's the "short" version.

          If you really want to know exactly who he is, you'll have to suffer the details of the timeline that led to me (re)outing him:

          • I very decisively won a series of debates with him, ultimately providing graphs, links to PDFs of the relevant scientific studies, etc. The results were incontrovertible but he still briefly argued like someone faced with a white wall, insisting it was black and something was wrong with everyone else's eyes. I thought he was delusional, but plenty of people are utterly incapable of admitting their mistakes, and I didn't think he was a straight up bad person or something at this point.

          • He began trash talking about me at every single opportunity he had despite us not having any interaction besides my having debated with him.

          • At the time, I was being stalked (very heavily online particularly) by my recent ex. ItDuz (SaddleGoose) immediately began dropping potentially identifying data about me and, when asked to stop, suggested I actually didn't want my ex to identify me because she would inform my "fans" that I had abused her. I'm dead fucking serious. The funny thing is, even as constantly as he lies, part of me believes he actually thought this. That's literally how much he hated me for simply consistently beating him in debates, enough to assume I might be an abuser. WTF.

          • I was really shocked, having debated plenty of people before. It was brought to my attention by older users that this had hurt him far more than I knew. Apparently his sole attraction and obsession with this site is that it provided him a source of self-esteem because he was under the impression that he won debates here. Some he probably did but even when he obviously lost, he would just continue arguing like a little kid and eventually people would stop, having more important things to do. Most people learned to simply not engage with him at all. He took this as a win and thought he was winning all kinds of debates.

          It was the fact that if I'd already proven myself right, I would continue to throw the ball back in his court when he did this for 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 comments, and that made his blood boil. He didn't care if he was wrong as long as he had the last word, which meant he won in his mind. I was solely destroying his experience on the site and the sense of validation that he so badly needed from it. After yet another debate, in which he was attempting to present hypothetical scenarios in which slavery would be okay, he finally just blocked me because I was systematically eliminating his scenarios one by one.

          • I was informed of how unusual this was, as he had apparently formerly bragged about never blocking people and not seeing the point in doing so. I can't say I was the first, but it was a turning point in his behavior. From there on out he started blocking people somewhat frequently. He doesn't do this to eliminate unnecessary bickering; he does it so that they can't defend themselves as he continues to spread disinformation about them behind their backs, which leads to the next point.

          • I'd long stopped even thinking about any of it when it was brought to my attention that he constantly brought me up behind my back while having me blocked. While I virtually no longer even use this site, when I was active I was apparently well received by quite a few people (some of you all are cool too) and this led to my name coming up here and there on the repeated "Who is your favorite user?" posts. I found him launching a whole piece in response to that about how I was almost certainly an abuser and had been actively avoiding a victim. At some point I should probably add that my "victim" was an ex who I forgave for stalking me and who I'm still friends with. They were livid when they finally heard this was going on back then.

          • At some point it was brought to my attention that he had created a new account, SaddleGoose, and was portraying himself as a woman, a brand new user. Apparently it was extremely hilarious though because it seemed like he wasn't even trying to sound any different whatsoever other than adding repeated, creepy emojis and saying things like "hehe" because, you know, that's how women folk type or something. The emojis were the funniest part to everyone, as if to say, "Look! I can't be a shitty person despite the shitty thing I just did because I added an emoji to the end of my shitty opinion. I'm conveying my friendliness. Hehe. :)"

          Sounds weird, right? As you pointed out yourself, it screams psychopathy from the rooftops.

          • I realized I couldn't even see this "SaddleGoose" person's comments because they had apparently blocked me ASAP upon creating the account despite supposedly being new and me not even being active on the site at the time, having had zero exchanges with them. I looked at the comments and it was blatantly obvious, one of the poorest attempts I'd ever seen. As if having blocked my account immediately wasn't evidence enough, his opinions were identical and he made identical, highly specific spelling, syntax, and grammatical mistakes. For just one strong example, he not only overused the word "dogpiling" as much as ever, but he incorrectly spelled it "dogpilling" as he always had.

          Still, he wasn't doing anything but embarrassing himself because I soon learned virtually everyone on the site already knew and simply didn't say anything because they thought it was entertaining to see how far he'd go with it. He couldn't shit on or spread lies about me without giving up his cover so I didn't even bother calling him out initially.

          • One day I logged into IIN chat, which I rarely do. By some unbelievable coincidence, the very first sentence I saw was from SaddleGoose: "My old account was ItDuz."

          Group chat allows you to communicate with people who have blocked you on the general site. There was only one other person in the chat: WeirdGuyFromTheSouth. It was meant for his eyes.

          I chimed in with, "Yes, he's been here far longer than us."

          I now know it was only because he knew how fucked he was if he pissed me off, but we had a fairly delightful conversation for about 30-60 minutes or so for the first time. I thought maybe he'd grown up some. I thought maybe the reason he wanted a new account was that he was ashamed of some of his past behavior and wanted a second chance. It seemed awfully petty to ruin that for him if he was no longer going to spread misinformation about me, so despite the sheer magnitude of the ace I now had up my sleeve, I decided to let him be and went back into general inactivity.

          • At some point a very close friend who was arguing with him and _was_ calling him out mentioned some of the terrible things he'd done as ItDuz. Since he couldn't very well defend himself, as "SaddleGoose" logically wouldn't know anything about ItDuz's past, this guy _immediately_ produced a THIRD account, "Whistlebain" (or some shit like that), which did claim to be ItDuz, supposedly no longer on the site but having just _happened_ to have stumbled across himself being mentioned about 100 comments deep in a thread (yeah right). He has no impulse control. But where he really fucked up was deciding to talk shit about me as soon as he had a chance again, so I proceeded to give him the biggest verbal dismantling in IIN history. The post reached around a half thousand comments before it was eventually modded.

          I had planned to simply come in guns blazing with the overwhelming evidence I had that he was SaddleGoose, but it was around this time that I was informed he was a far worse person that I thought. Even as someone who seriously disliked him by this point, I would have had difficulty believing he was actually _this_ bad without proof. Someone's not a fucking animal killer just because they wanted to ruin your reputation out of pure spite. But proof existed in spades. ItDuz had frequently discussed abusing animals as well as _several_ other heinous things. So I ended up going into that discourse armed to the teeth and for the first time knowing I was dealing with a truly despicable individual, not just a delusional but ultimately relatively harmless fuckhead.

          Still, it was logical that I first proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that SaddleGoose and ItDuz were the same person in the first place. While arguing with me as Whistlebain, he attempted to feign support from SaddleGoose, while also going back and forth with himself with Whistlebain and SaddleGoose, with Whistlebain explaining how awful I am and SaddleGoose saying they could clearly see it. It was one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen. So sad, in fact, feigning companionship, that at points I considered leaving it alone, but then I would remember the things he had done.

          Delaying the delivery of the worst things was very intentional on my part. I knew if I let this keep going as long as possible, he'd, himself, make it apparent beyond a shadow of a doubt to the few people who didn't already know that SaddleGoose and ItDuz were the same person. So I let him do that for days and days, sealing his fate. Then I dropped the first nuke, expecting this to get a lot more out of hand from there and more than ready to continue.

          Instead, he surprised me. He knew it was over right then and then there and folded. He said something like, paraphrased, "You win. That's what you wanted, right? Well you won. Hope you're happy. Fuck you. Doesn't mean I'm wrong about you but you and I both know there's simply no coming back from this one. I can't believe you actually dug up my past. I bet you hated seeing some people actually liked me big time back in the day."

          I don't know if that's true, but I have no reason to dispute it. No one had to exhaustively dig through everything he ever said; simple searches for keywords to his purported crimes and damning statements led right to them. It was that bad.

          • Somehow, despite having literally admitted everything, he switched to indirectly denying it was him because I couldn't _technically_ prove it was. He'd deleted his ItDuz account and all comments were from "deleted user," after all. Unfortunately for him I knew a little hack that allowed me to reaveal the names of deleted users and I offered screenshots of my using said hack to reveal the name: ItDuz. He was caught in 4K, already lying again. I also have no less than four other techniques for determining exactly what comes from him, part of why I outright knew in the technical sense that he was SaddleGoose, which he still continued to deny so that Whistlebain could fade into obscurity with ItDuz and SaddleGoose could survive his being outed.

          • He reverted to calling himself a former edge lord (he must have hated that so much) who wanted to be like Dexter (with an honorable mention for Tate from American Horror Story). I pointed out that his behavior didn't even mirror Dexter's. While Dexter does kill an animal as a plot point so as to maintain realism, it's not at all heavily emphasized that Dexter thoroughly enjoyed applying sadism to defenseless creatures less than himself. There's even an instance where Dexter can't bring himself to kill an animal (to be fair to ItDuz, that's in newer material, though). It's also certainly not said that Dexter specifically desired to kill people he liked. ItDuz (SaddleGoose) is a fucked up dude. There's part of him that knows that and there's part of him that doesn't.

          But there's something more damning and the part I'm sure he regrets above all. He also described to the OP how he would react to being outed: By acting exactly as he did when he was outed.

          Just a few last things I'd like to point out:

          • I was somewhat briefly, albeit severely, addicted to alcohol at one point and it had life-altering consequences. In one of our first arguments, his (textual, I guess) tone changed extremely rapidly after saying he was going to go play some Rainbow Six or something. He was suddenly using nonstop all-caps, which he never had before, and talking about shit like slamming his head on his desk. There are people who do shit like that but he never had before and I thought maybe he was drunk because it reminded me of something really embarrassing I might have ended up doing out of frustration if I was hammered drunk and trying to argue with someone. So I asked if he was drunk. I was ready to just drop it all really. In fact the only reason it was even going on is that multiple people were asking him to please stop basically doxxing me like a dick when it's known that I'm being stalked. Dude literally hated me just for winning some damn debates. Anyway, he always tried to frame that as having been an insult, which I'd have had to be hypocritical as fuck to use, and insensitive to people who have gone through that (like me). Yet here he is using drug addiction as an insult against KholatKhult. What's that all about?

          • Apparently he's, as SaddleGoose, admitting he's ItDuz now? Is that a thing or did he just slip up and forget SaddleGoose isn't who was outed for this in the first place? Well when you inevitably read this, SaddleGoose, I just want you to remember everything you bet on it, how you completely sacrificed your integrity as you went back and forth with me and slimed your way through comment after comment until it was the most commented on post in IIN history. I want you to remember how many times I said I didn't _think_ you were ItDuz; I _knew_ you were ItDuz. In conclusion, you are ItDuz.

          • He's, uhm, well, you know, kinda blatantly making fun of a man for missing part of his body, once again in 4K, like we're not all gonna think that's weird. So that's a thing I guess? I think his "lizard brain" missed that one in the empathy emulation.

          But no, he's not a good dude. I've had an argument with litelander but it's not like I say this about everyone I ever disagreed with. This is about him. Keep in mind that was only the first nuke I even had to drop. He's easily the 9th or 10th worst person on the site (excluding some people who only comment once or twice and bounce). I went into that prepared to end his shit talking for good and started with something "light," as hard as it is to call something like this that. I didn't expect him to call it then and there and start doing immediate damage control. If I ever need more, I'll use it at my discretion but right now I don't have to. We all saw what happened last time and that the repercussions are still here.

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          • Jesus Christ. Thanks for the "short" version, S.W. xD

            1. Well said, S.W. It's almost as if it's also TV trope for killers in television too, like the characters that I tried to appear like on the site for attention when I was younger. Like you said, it's so well known that even I knew about it when I was a kid.
            In fact, we've had this conversation before. When you bring up the "Kill people he likes" line, I already told you that it's a line from a character from American Horror Story called Tate Langhton that I tried to emulate, I literally plagiarized a quote from a scene on that TV show to look edgy. You left that part out again, which you always do when retelling this story.

            2. Oh...You pretty much admit what I mention in #1. What exactly was I to do? Randomly go around telling people I disagree with something they weren't even around to know about? Whenever anyone mentions it, like you, I do exactly what you suggest and have done for years, so why are you pretending I don't? As for being young, if I recall correctly I was between the ages of 17-20 when I made such comments, and that's a push as I don't even acted that way at 20.

            3. This is when I think S.W is about to shine his real issue with me. This guy rarely if ever won any debates with me and every single time there was an attempt his friends would come in to start stuff like this. I really hope this guy's ego shine's through in the rest of this.

            4. Yes, I did trash talk you. Your introduction was you gloating about how smart you are compared to others that you somehow got some well-known dude on Twitter to recant his Tweet. I can't recall the full ins and outs of that but it no doubt got spicy. Then you made a big, huge post trying to portray yourself as some modern day Casanova and my response to that was to say "Jesus Christ" to which you deleted it claiming I was in some way warning you about a "crazy stalker ex" who may use this site, to which I was scratching my head like, "Wah?" because all I said was "Jesus Christ, dude."
            That then spiralled in to you creating this huge story about stalkers to cover up the miniscule fact you posted cringe, and I didn't believe the Stalker story, which I will go on to explain.

            5. This. Is. A. Lie. Let me explain what actually happened. He offered some story about a stalker ex after he posted something that was pretty embarrassingly self masturbatory. As a result of this it became a go-to argument we'd have. During these arguments he would say that he deleted the post because it revealed "too much information", which was that his ex looked like Jennifer Lawrence. During these debates S.W would CONSTANTLY bring up private new information about his relationship with his "ex" which would expose this "ex" to figuring out which user he was on the site, which is why I didn't believe the story he was spinning to be true. So, during our discussion, S.W tried to gaslight me by spreading that I was an alcoholic, and be it shameful or not, decided to play in the pig pen with him to show him how easy it is to behave in such a manner, and I asked if he's so scared of his ex finding out who he is on this site because despite him badmouthing his "ex" online to a bunch of strangers, maybe she'd have similar stories of the abusive gaslighting behaviours he engaged with me in...To which he freaked out, which was a weird reaction to have but the point was to show that such vile behaviours he engaged in were easy to do, and that I could do it better if I was to use such shady tactics. HOWEVER, what S.W doesn't mention, is that I never believed him to have this "crazy ex" in question, therefor I don't believe he did "abuse" his ex because there was no "ex" in question to be abused. Again, he left that pivotal part out because he's playing a game.

            6. I'm going to start skipping the self inserted masturbation of, "ItDuz was a dum dum, I won every argument ever". If he thinks I lost debates, that's fine. Not here to argue that.

            7. Okay, if I'm gonna try keep this short for Pink to read. If you've gotten to this part, Pink, S.Ws ego is starting to show. Read how invested he is over the idea of me losing to him.

            8. As for the "slavery was okay" part. It's interesting he portrays it this way. Let me explain what actually happened. A user here by the name LloydAsher was having a debate with S.W, to which Countess inevitably showed up and they just started dogpiling him, belittling him, calling him names. I thought the conversation would be a good one to listen to, and I understood what Lloyd's argument was, aswell as S.Ws. I took no sides but I wanted to hear some perspectives. I had to jump in to the discussion to help Lloyd not get his point misrepresented by these two, to which they were intentionally doing, and Lloyd thanked me. This then turned into another dung flinging contest, is as always expected when communicating with S.W, and the discussion derailed once again. The argument was, is there and can there be scenarios in which slavery is understandable, to which my hypothetical was if a group of people were stranded on an island and only one knows how to make a boat to save everybody but refuses to, should the group be morally justified to force that person in to labour to build the boat to save everybody. Suddenly how he represented this instance is much different now, right? He wouldn't answer, btw. Not that it's relevant.

            9. Me and Pickle already talked about the blocking stuff elsewhere. Yes, I blocked you because every time I was having a debate with one of you, up to three people you're personally friends with off-platform would show up, which would mean I'd have to take the time to argue with three people at once, which I personally wasn't going to invest time in, so I blocked you. BUT, you have always had access to this account, S.W. Infact, the purpose of this account (WhistleBain) was so that I can have discussions without you and Countess sperging out on my SaddleGoose account but that you would also have an avenue to contact me via this account, which is why I came in with this account declaring myself as ItDuz when you already believed was also SaddleGoose...Because I told you in the members chat.

            10. I never frequently brought you up, S.W. I think there was once, at most twice where I did. This is after you and Countess were spreading rumours about me.

            11. Hahahaha. Okay, this part is hilarious. I knew you were watching. I never portrayed myself as a woman, S.W. What I said was, "Why does everyone assume I'm a guy?" The purpose being not that the assumption was wrong but that I never disclosed my sex, but I knew, God I just KNEW it would get back to you somehow given how much time and effort you were putting in to me.
            Want me to validate this? You won't be able to find a single comment on this site of me saying I am a woman.
            I won't say you're lying here, I'll just say that your hubris is really easy to use against you. xD
            As for emojis? "That's how women be"? No? xD Might be hard to believe but I actually use Emojis all the time, you can actually see that happen in my earliest comments with the ItDuz account. I just tried to be super duper serious on this site and thought emoticons took away from that. You got it completely backwards. I take it smiley faces are part of the dark triad attributes too, huh?...Omg, I was joking. You are actually saying that using emoticons is a dark triad attribute. Omg. Haha.

            12. Was it obvious I was ItDuz that whole time?! Really!? :O I wonder...If...That was...Intentional. I wonder what else would have made that super obvious? Oh! *snaps finger* I know! Like how immediately upon you asking me what my old account was I immediately told you that I was ItDuz? Seriously, now. xD
            I love the fact that you portray everyone in that Discord server as laughing at me about, when I was able to act as if nothing had changed but my username, make it obvious I don't like you with the SaddleGoose account, literally tell you I was ItDuz, watch you guys go on for months about how you "cracked the case!" with spelling errors and the exact same opinion as my last account, meanwhile I'm just laughing my ass off that you took it so seriously "proving" I was ItDuz when I literally told you from the start. xD

            13. Omg, nvm. You even mention it in your follow up point that I told you I was ItDuz. This. Is a lie though. It wasn't meant for "his" eyes. You literally asked me who I was, in fact we even had a further conversation about life and stuff. Weird you're lying but it doesn't matter too much.

            14. "He knew how fucked he was if he pissed me off."
            - Again, listen to these people. They honestly do think this highly of themselves, they're all from that server btw. This is what happens if you debate them and don't do too hot.

            15. Omg. Listening to you re-write image to pretend you were some mastermind. I was never afraid of my SaddleGoose account being affiliated with my old account, which is why I told you, you didn't stumble upon that you asked for it. This is why I was willing to openly admit all of it when I thought you guys were really gone from the site because I was only denying it to watch you guys go in to a frenzy about something that was obvious to everyone. xD

            I'm skipping some more. The account business isn't why we're here. But again, listen to how this guy speaks about himself. "I proceeded to give him the biggest dismantling in IIN history".
            This guy really does think he's the sh*t. He used to do this every time. This is the level of ego I was dealing with, and I'm sure there's more to come in this comment. I really do hope he mentions himself as being "A big intelligent spider with everyone else in his web" again, that one was funny. Spooderman.

            16. He says I've mentioned abusing animals numerous times. Ask him to provide evidence of this. I want to see these "numerous times", and ahead of time I want to mention that at most they "abuse of animals" will come in line with the concept of hunting, and made 13-15 years ago. Ask him. He "has it in spades" so ask him for it.

            17. Man, he is still going on about the account business. Watching him gloat about this is honestly letting me relive it all. Good times. If I knew you guys were coming back I would of kept it up. Assholes. xD

            18. Eh, that doesn't sound like me? "Mr S.W, you win, there's no coming back from this for me!" What? You know, the longer you type the more you're willing to just make up, I noticed that about you.

            19. More talk about the username stuff. I lol.

            20. He's lying again. He never asked if "I was drunk" he was trying to gaslight me. What he suggested was that I was an "alcoholic" because mY TEXT WAS LIKE THIS...I had hit the caps button before rapidly typing a response as I was playing a video game, and THAT was the basis for him, not asking if I was drunk, but calling me an alcoholic, to which I told him no but he wouldn't accept it as an answer and referenced my spelling habits as an obvious sign of being an alcoholic. This is when I started to criticize him for using addiction as a means to try and insult me, and to save face he came out with a convenient story of suffering from alcoholism himself (which he uses here) to avoid the criticism that he was trying to use addiction to insult me, an addiction I didn't have, I was just playing some video games.
            Oh, as a small special mention, this is also around the time they would consistently insult and demean me but had the nerve to ask me not to joke about the fact they seemed to have a "close" relationship and CountessDouche got upset incase her boyfriend seen it and asked me to take it back. Me being the absolute monster that I am, agreed and made a comment saying I'm just joking and it's not to be taken seriously, because I wouldn't want an actual IRL relationship to end over some stupid online beef. Evil, I know. xD

            21. Jesus Christ, point 21 and thats after cutting out all the unnecessary stuff.

            22. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Ok, I will take the baseless assertions from you but how did you miss the character development point of Dexter so much? "Dexter doesn't like to kill"...THAT'S THE PLOT! He enjoys killing and his adopted father can't stop that urge in him so he trains Dexter to channel it in to killing "the bad guys"...How did you miss that plot? Did you even watch the show? xD
            "It's even implied that he doesn't like killing animals but that's later in the show."
            Is that the newest season that came out like ten to 12 years after I made those comments, S.W? But yes, Dexter killing animals in the early stages WAS a plot point. He liked killing animals, which is why he did it, because he couldn't kill humans.
            Insult me all you like but don't change the plot of of that show! xD

            23. We're almost done. Thank God. No, I openly admitted to it, kind of like I did from the start with you, S.W. Like I said above, you guys were gone from the site so the purpose of denying it after it was obvious and already admitted to, had no fun in it, you guys weren't around to watch create a huge investigation about it and stroke your own egos on for "solving the case!" xD

            24. Yes, I made a joke about a 5 times murderer missing a leg. "Be nice to the convicted murderer, Goose"? That's your approach? Okay. Haha.
            - Also, in your absense from the site, have you been watching Twitch? You're very fond of the 4K line. Who exactly are you trying to emulate? I'm actually curious.

            25. Yes, empathy sure is my problem, S.W. I'm here arguing against a man that was convicted for killing five people, breaking the laws put in place to safeguard the public from men like him, a man that admits by his own definition tortured humans and animals, but you seem to exclusively take issue with me for making a few comments over a decade ago while constantly saying, "I WON THE DEBATE, I WON THE DEBATE!" Do you think it's not obvious to anyone that isn't impartial what really is your reason for disliking me? It's not your moral compass, again, in here to defend convicted murderer, it has everything to do with your ego.

            9th or 10th worst? Curious to know, do I beat the convicted murderer on that list or? Just so we can gauge where your morals lay.

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            • I can't be bothered to read this yet. Anyone wanna give me the cliff notes on why _WhistleBain_ spawned again? No way there's an attempt to claim he's not SaddleGoose. He's still admitting that, right?

              Edit: I'm still too busy to read this thoroughly, but I skimmed portions and I just want to point out that he's majorly deflecting. People aren't showing up to defend anyone, at least not as a primary motivation; they're showing up to say that their assertions were absolutely true. They're showing up to prevent SaddleGoose from grooming new users in that weird way that he attempts to from time to time before they learn what the rest of us know about him.

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        • Context. Young guy about 15 years ago watches way too much TV and doesn't get out much due to moving to a rural area. Tries to build a personality around edgy TV characters. Twists a little truth here and there and then suggests someone who wants to murder people go out and engage with hunting to get the feeling of killing without killing people by getting in to a sport that fulfils those urges.

          Obviously in retrospect I'm no psychologist so I have no idea if someone wanting to kill people should hunt to fulfil their urge to kill, so I wouldn't suggest it today as I'm not essentially a kid. Chances are however the person I said that too was just trying to be as edgy as I was.
          That's about it.

          Meanwhile, Kholat, the paragon of virtue, is a convicted murderer. xD

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        • The post was about having urges to kill people

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          • Yes.

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          • Thanks, Mr 3x murdering, schizophrenic with a history of drug problems that's currently in possession of an arsenal of illegally owned firearms, glad to hear your opinion on the matter. xD

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  • Yeah but I was informed it was a copypasta which I would never have caught on to otherwise.

    I don't intend to use this as a gotcha I just wanted to point it out.

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