Is it normal to get the belt at 19

I’m 19 and just walked back to my bedroom and I’m looking in the mirror at my bottom because my stepdad just gave me the belt which he does a minimum of once a month.

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  • Are you a female? Around 16 usually the boy starts fighting back and it becomes a fight instead of a spanking.

    Idk how it works with a female but either way 19 is old for spankings. Its even weirder that its a stepdad.

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  • Kick him in the groin with a steel toed boot next time. 😉

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  • Damn that sucks

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  • I used to get whipped with a belt as punishment, it stopped when I was 15 when I started laughing at them.

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  • Find someone who will help you move out. If you live in their house, I don't know what you can really do.

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