Is it normal to get intrusive thoughts?

as you can guess by the title, I've been having intrusive thoughts, they've been happening for around 2 years now, and idk if I should do something about them or not.

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  • Completely normal and nothing to worry about as long as you can control yourself and not act on them

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  • It's good that you recognize intrusive thoughts for what they are. Most people go through life believing they're at the whims of whatever thoughts enter their head, when really, the opposite is the case.

    You can control your thoughts, but it's a habit like anything else. Intrusive thoughts are a defense mechanism driven by anxiety: there's some unknown that exists based on the thought that your mind is bringing up to remind you for your own safety.

    To dissolve the anxiety, you have to "reason out" the thought by thinking on it for a little while, so that the unknowns are settled and that spike of fear won't return.

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  • Thank God this post is nothing similar to that ill-written lengthy and confusing post from last year with the same title.

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  • I get these too, whenever a fucking woman touches my clothes and for some fucked up reason those clothes just travel to a different dimension.

    Seriously, wtf is it with women and their ability to do the disappearing trick on every piece of clothing that isn't their own? I've never met a woman that can touch clothing that isn't their own and NOT have that piece of clothing just disapear from existence. They're like the Thanos of clothing, one snap of the finger and the clothing is gone.

    Yes, I'm using your post to vent about my slight irritation right now.

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  • Yea its normal, could be ocd, medical treatment is antidepressants plus benzos.

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