Is it normal to forget specific details?

I don't believe I have serious impairment, but I tend to forget a lot of things I learn/read.

At work, it seems like everyone can remember every single tiny detail of everything we have ever discussed. But I can't remember something that was said 6 months ago in a one-off conversation - but everyone else can.

Are people just not admitting they don't know? Or is it not normal for me to forget things like that? This might become an issue at work because people are talking like they are above me and treating me like I don't know anything at all anymore.

I don't have any problems in my daily life - I know where my keys are, I know the door code to my apartment, I know my way around ,etc. Nothing affects my life. It's just pertaining to conversations and things from awhile ago. Or if I read a book a year ago, I'm not going to remember half of it now, and I think that's fine? I don't know how others can remember such tiny details.

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  • Not normal, but people won't admit they don't know, they remember petty things like laying into you and not others, or something said yesterday, they won't admit they're evil people, I think there's a derealisation going on betwixt me, as for you memory loss could be caused by a brief reference and you didn't hear it, most normal people don't nitpick remembering every tiny detail all the days of their lives and aren't in that sense pedantic, but I suppose they don't enlighten, understand or have insight with what they know, they define know to mean in the memory, you seem to have a different definition.

    I think it's meant they don't understand what they think they know, but I don't know, maybe most people are doing unhealthy activities and don't understand very much themselves, the ignorance might be peachy, I mean ignorance of people you're talking about.

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