Is it normal to fold the toilet paper and keep using it?

I usually fold the toilet paper before I wipe, but if I feel like I need to wipe more I'll just fold it over and keep using it. I make sure there's a lot there and I'm careful, I'm not getting anything on my hands and I wash them after anyway. (I don't mean that I use it the next time I go to the bathroom, just if I need a second wipe or something).

Does anyone else do that?

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  • Some people fold, and some people wad.

    I've occasionally come across stories of people going down on a new sexual partner for the first time and discovering shit in their butt-crack, so it seems some people just do a quick wipe and call the job done.

    I can't remember when I decided that folding was more sensible, but it was a very long time ago. My technique is to fold a length of TP double, fold that in half again, wipe, check for shit on paper, fold over so shit-smear is inside, wipe again, check again. If there's still visible shit, repeat with a fresh length of TP. I finish off with moist TP, using the same technique.

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  • Normal. I do the same. It saves money on toilet paper.

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  • I wad and rotate. Folding probably works just as well.

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  • Wet wipes are the best

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  • Yeah. As long as you don't end up using a tiny paper square and wash your hands, sure.

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