Is it normal to find out alot of people think I am a rude bitch

I am really blunt and am autistic. Some guys find it sexy and some think I am a sarcastic bitch. I am not trying to be I just don't feel like constantly lying all the time.I do have a nice number of friends I have known for 20 plus years.I dunno people ask my opinion and I feel I should be honest. Like my coworker was going to name her child an awful name and I ask my opinion and I told her it sounded like a law firm.I try to be nice but it doesn't come out right. Like my one friend's ex dumped her and married another girl she was friends with that he got pregnant.So I said that really sucks that idiot dumped you. and then I sent her a cool card.My friend step mom called me up screaming at me which was weird cuz my friend didn't seem to mind what I said.

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  • Some people just don't like honesty, so don't mix with them. On the other hand, being autistic doesn't give you licence to insult people: not saying you do, just saying ....

    I don't get people who ask for an honest opinion and then get shitty when they get one: why ask?

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  • My son is "on the autism spectrum", and truth be told I'm probably on it too. Neither my son nor I seem to be able to tell, those "socially acceptable white lies". If you ask me "do these jeans make my bum look big" and you are a size 26, the politest response I'll give you is "yes" (more probably I'll tell you that you have a fat ass and nothing will make it look otherwise, but anyway...)

    Now I know that some people think "politeness" and "little white lies" are the glue that hold society together, but personally, I wish EVERYONE were a bit autistic and would just be honest. Yes, sometimes the truth hurts, but lying ends up hurting more.

    Not that it's probably even an option, but don't change who you are. People will learn if they don't want to hear the truth, don't ask you for your advice/opinion.

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  • I'm autistic too. I've accidentally said some fairly awful things, for a while I didn't speak at all. Now that I'm 19, I'm a bit more confident and if they think you're being mean when you're being honest, then they aren't the kind of people you want to be around.

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  • You can be nice and honest at the same time. When your coworker asks your opinion of a name, you can just say its not your favorite instead of saying it sounds like a law firm. Instead of saying 'that sucks that idiot guy dumped you' you can say 'sorry you feel hurt and are going through a rough time'.

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