Is it normal to find my first grey beard hair at 33?

I'm 33 years old and found my first grey beard hair today.

I don't feel ready to feel like a grandpa.

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  • Most people start to find grey hairs in their 30s. You’re not a grandpa, just starting your long to becoming a wizard.

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  • My first gray beard hair showed up when i was 22yo. Now i'm 29. And about 40% of my beard is gray

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  • I found my first gray hair at 11.

    I still get a few grays now at 27.

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  • Very normal. My siblings had greys in their early 20s. They all had cavities then too. Both things have increased when they hit their 30's.

    I actually found my first grey yesterday when I was getting ready for work. I'm 34. It's kind of exciting. If the rest turns gray It'll be the perfect canvas for purple hair color.

    Hopefully the cavities stay away though. I don't want that part of getting older.

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  • Yeah. I had a friend who had gray hair at 24.

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  • When did you think people started turning grey? Most don't turn over night. It starts for many in their 20's.

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    • I know it doesn't happen overnight but i was convinced that grey hairs only started appearing in your late 40s, and at that point it happens relatively quickly unless you dye your hair.

      I realise now that I'm very wrong. It happens much earlier and at 33 I'm arguably a late starter.

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