Is it normal to feel this bad about breaking up with someone?

I broke up with my gf
I like her but she’s not the woman for me
It had to end and I wanted it to end , so I ended it.

it’s still keeping me up at night, i feel bad for her, I know this sounds a bit ego-centric but she was honestly in love with me, I was her first man and she told me how special I was to her all the time. I knew I’d feel bad for her and for us and just sad about the whole thing , but I feel sader then I thought I would and for much longer then I thought i would. I always thought the deepest burn of heart break was when someone breaks up with you , but like when you choose to break up with someone are you supposed to feel this bad? Does it mean something? IIN?

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  • I like to think that I never feel bad about breaking up with anyone, but sometimes I get feelings of nostalgia. I try not to entertain those feelings very long at all.

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  • Break it off she will find and fuck someone else. Life goes on.

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  • Yes it can be normal to feel bad about braking up with someone. But what’s worse is staying in that relationship and then you wind up hating that person. I’ve been there it sucks. At this point me and that person can’t even be friends or civil because of the resentment. It’s not worth it.

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  • Ahh looks like the "break up" troll took my advice on his last post of making a generic as hell one of these lol!

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    • Never posted anything about a break up before .. so..

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    • Wrong person

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  • Don't go back to her because of sympathy. You could not love her like she wanted and you feel guilty. In every relationship that goes south we should take the blame for some things. Perhaps this is part of the process for you.

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