Is it normal to feel scared and run away from everyone?

I'm almost scared of everything to the point that I run away from everyone that makes eye contact on me and scared if someone approaches me. Scared to the point that I refuse to talk.

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  • How long has this been going on? Do you know what it may have stemmed from? Did you have a traumatic experience at some time, or is this just extreme social anxiety?

    Maybe therapy might help.

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    • Since the beginning of September, since then I have been doing this, especially when whenever people in the streets ask if I am ok I begin to run away.

      I often run away from my teachers, I often run away from other people that I trust.

      I believe that I just may have extreme social anxiety.

      I know that at school I go and seek therapy at school I am worried if my therapist at school would think it is some bad thing, I know I am rambling on a bit too much but the reason why I post this is because I really do find myself in this situation.

      But then again I understand if majority do say this is not normal, from what I can see it probably is not traumatic experience as in most of it was fine.

      An example is when people tap me on the shoulder I begin feeling very scared of them.

      I keep fearing that I could be made fun of.

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      • I think seeking therapy would be good for you. It is not some horrible thing, as there are much worse things in the world. I think you could benefit from the right therapy.

        Just know that anyone who makes fun of you is likely not a good person, and that problem lies with them and not you.

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  • How would I go about making eye contact on you? Do you have to be laying down first and do I have to lay on top of you to accomplish this? Because I’d rather not.

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  • Damn! Hell no, that ain't normal!

    Are you the son, and the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar?

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