Is it normal to feel sad now that i have been single for a while

I broke up with my FIRST boyfriend ever before Valentine's Day. He didn't love me and I'm not gonna force anyone to love me so I broke up with him :( . Ever since I have been single and it honestly feels weird. When I was single before even dating I didn't feel Sad at all. But now that I am single ... It feels so different. Like I was in an unhealthy relationship too and when I got out, I thought id be happy but really I'm not. Is it because I'm still getting over the break up?? I believe I have but honestly i need some feedback. I really am sad and I feel like I should date someone again but I am too sad and exhausted and tbh... Kinda lazy too haha .. But please help :(

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  • I feel the exact same way as you, I have no friends either to help me get over this, I guess we just have to wait for the day when someone actually cares about us the way we care about them. I've felt like this now for almost a year but I get through it day by day. You should be fine soon when you find someone that deserves you. Don't worry

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  • I agree, It takes time. It's normal to feel depressed or unhappy about everything basically. I was left over 6 months ago and I still feel like crap every day. Sometimes I'm lazy too but the worst thing to do is hop back into a relationship just because you think it'll help. Just wait for someone who will really appreciate you. It'll be worth it

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  • You feel lonely and you're still getting over a breakup. It's only been like a month, so it's normal.

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  • So this breakup was about 5 weeks ago? For goodness sake, give yourself time to get over it and focus on other things, you'll feel better about it all in time.

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