Is it normal to feel no attachment to friends

I am only capable of feeling attachment to my close family and to romantic partners. When it comes to friends I dont feel I get anything out of it to be honest. I mostly use friends to go to places like coffee shops where I dont feel like sitting by myself due to social anxiety, so it's unfortunate if I lose a friend and I can no longer do that until I find a new one.
Most of the time I want to be alone.
I think this is a good thing because if someone disrespects me I have no problem telling them to fuck off and blocking them everywhere. That makes my life better than for those who put up with literally anything just to not be alone, like i've seen a lot of people do. Then they wonder why people push them around, well use your brain A LITTLE BIT, sweetie.
I am nice to people because you are supposed to be nice, but that's the only reason. I don't respect anyone unless they've earned it from me. They're just people.
I'll always be nice/neutral though unless someone disrespects.

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  • Not normal. You sound a bit like a sociopath 👀

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  • You have not yet had a really close friend yet. Someday you likely will... and then you feel an attachment.

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  • I don't need to have friends to go out to a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop.

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  • I don't feel any particular attachment to my friends too and I have absolutely no problem not engaging in people who have shown disrespect.
    I never miss any friend. I have sisters maybe that's why I do not feel that bond in friendship but I do have people I hang out with sometimes and I have a good time with them.
    And I go to restaurant alone.

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  • Why do you have friends to begin with?

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