Is it normal to feel like you want to hurt someone for no reason?

Lately I feel like I've had very aggressive thoughts and I'm scared to talk to a therapist or go see a doctor because they might judge me or put me in a mental facility. What I mean by aggressive thoughts is I have thoughts of having a knife in my hand I go around stabbing people for no reason and I enjoy it. Another thing was, I was roughhousing with my sister the other day and I bit her but I felt myself biting down harder and harder as I was excited or thrilled about it. I'm scared of these thoughts and I know its wrong to like these things. Any suggestions to help me (I was abused as a child) (Be Blunt, Don't sugarcoat your opinions , I want your personal opinion and please, Judge me if you wish.) (If there is an abusive comment in there don't report it)

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