Is it normal to feel like you can’t give your friends the friendship they need

lately I feel like i cant give my friends the friendship they want and need. i dont even know if this is a thing
just an example one of my friends (who i used to be extremely close with) always talks about gossip because its just who she is and what she's interested in but nowadays we've drifted apart because its not something i am really interested in and i cant even hold up a conversation with her anymore. As much as i love her, i love her so much that im completely okay with just listening to her but its like i have no idea what to say back to her anymore (most things i say she gets offended).
yea i know that people change and stuff but it makes me feel so sad, this has happened with almost every friendship I've have, i used to be the person they went to for all there problems and now whatever there talking about i have nothing to say. And this also hasnt just happened with long time friends even new friends that i have only known for half a year.
let me know if anyone else feels this way?

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  • Oh, I feel that way all the time. I used to have five friends but I've now restricted myself to one because I just can't handle any more. I don't know what to say. They all get mad at me, too, except the one I have now.

    And if your friend gets offended by everything you say, and if apologizing doesn't work, I think you should end what's left of your friendship. You don't seem compatible. I know it might hurt, but you don't deserve to feel the way you do all the time.

    I think you should find and focus on one person who you share interests with a lot, but not too many, so you can discover more about each other. Talk about personal things once you're both comfortable enough. Don't try to spend too much time together, they might get tired of you.

    Don't be obsessive. If you text them and they don't respond, leave them alone for a while, and if you haven't heard from them for a while, text them once. Show them you care, do little things, but don't seem too obsessive.

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  • True friends don't bail on each other.

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  • You need to keep pretend friends around so your insecurity doesn't haunt you, strength in numbers. That's what I do, act fake-stay safe.

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