Is it normal to feel like life is too long?

Maybe ppl only think life's too short because we forget most of our past. And maybe your life only means much to you if you fear death.

Since I've lost my fear of death nothing matters anymore. I'm suicidal although I'm happy. It doesn't make sense. Usually ppl only want to die because they're suffering.

I just feel tired of life. I can't imagine living past 30. There's certain limits to life. Nothing you do is rlly new. In fact most things we do we repeat thousands of times and feel the same set of emotions doing it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not depressed, I know what that feels like and this ain't it. I just don't understand why ppl think it's so damn important to be remembered, live long, change the world. We could all die tomorrow and I'd be fine with it, why does it matter we keep going?

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  • This is cute, you remind me of myself in my youth. I had always expected to die in a drunk driving accident before the age of 30, but the thing is that I was never really much for driving drunk.

    Now I'm 51, and I dunno if I consider life to be too long, or too short. I mostly just find myself wishing that I could go back in time knowing what I know now. I'm actually somewhat disturbed, because there's a chance that I may have had ADD all my life, and just never been diagnosed as a child. All this time I've felt like a failure, and dumbass, but have actually, most likely, been living with, an diagnosed learning disorder. It hurts me in my soul thinking about it for the past few weeks, because it feels like neglect.

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  • I feel like life is kind of long but your youth is up so fast

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  • "Life is very long" is in a TS Eliot poem or play... don't remember the context but the thought stuck with me.

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