Is it normal to feel left out every time i am with my friends

I have two friends that whenever I hang out with them I feel like they don't want to be hanging out with me.I always feel like I am disposable to them and they always leave me out of conversation. I have talked to one of them about it and she told me that its all in my head but I really don't think it is.

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  • I feel like an outcast with my friends.

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  • yea you're the third wheel. it's never a nice feeling

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  • I have felt that way. That's one reason I now prefer to develop friendships with individual members of a group one-on-one and not just relying on the times when we're all together - that is, if I'm really invested in that group (and to be honest, I'm not always). It also helps to think about what I bring to the group, and where my attention tends to be. Do I tend to think about myself rather than them? Do I stare blankly into space and daydream? Then I probably seem boring.

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  • Story of my life. It's definitely normal, sad as it is.

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