Is it normal to feel guilty after spending money?

I've grown up and I still live in a situation of relative poverty; luxuries of any kind were very occasional for me and my family, we live in a poor country and we always prioritized being fed and paying the bills, or in other words, we've always just survived.

Nowadays, although I still live with my family, I'm making my own money, and I am able to afford many of the things I've once wanted, but it feels wrong. Whenever I spend money, I feel guilty; I don't have a reason to save it up (because of inflation), and I don't have a reason not to spend it, but I feel guilty of doing so regardless. Today I spent quite an amount on a new keyboard and mousepad, to replace my very old keyboard which is about to stop working now, and I feel guilty for doing so.

Is this normal?

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  • It's normal to feel the way you feel because of your prior experience with money but be happy that you can now take care of yourself. It's never nice to struggle for money.

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  • It's not wrong to spend money that you actually have.

    It's not right either. The question is priorities.

    I'd suggest saving and investing... then ultimately once you invest enough (which may take decades) - you can spend your earnings off of your investments.

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  • It's actually pretty normal based on what you said about how you grew up. Though in the end, there's no real reason to feel guilty.

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