Is it normal to feel eerily connected to someone you dont know

I started listening to this rock band from the 80s and felt an instant connection with the frontman as soon as I watched a live video, before I had even started listening to them properly. Ive never experienced anything like it before in my life. Its not the typical attraction for a hot talented rock star. Unfortunately hes in his 60s, and I am in my 20s, and obviously I will never in my life meet him.
Its so strange how I feel like I know him and like i've met him before... that is how I feel when I look at him. It's almost eerie? There is something about his vibe/energy that feels so familiar...
Ive gotten obsessed due to this. I havent been obsessed with a band since I was a teenager, massive fan sure but not obsessed.

I guess he must remind me of somebody very much, but its odd how I then cant figure out whom he reminds me of so much. I guess i'll figure it out eventually though.

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