Is it normal to feel constantly torn between lifestyles?

Some days, I wake up and want to be a doctor. Other days, being a farmer on a ranch sounds amazing. Every day, I feel constantly torn between the two extremes.

I think part of me has always felt unwanted or looked down on in some way and that I have something to prove, but on the other hand I always want to disappear.

I guess I feel like I'm having a hard time finding myself.

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  • You have to prove yourself to yourself each day, and you can only do that by creating things (not just consuming them).

    Find out what your things are and pursue them, or you'll be miserable.

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    • Thank you. I have been in a bit of a weird spot for the last several years. I've been unsure of what I should major in as I am done with my generals and am going to university in the fall. I've been thinking a lot of majoring "international studies".

      The one thing I have is a sensible heart and the capability of st as Ying level-headed. I always want positive change, especially in locations where that is lacked. This feels like a good opportunity to stop putting myself in a box and be able to use my abilities.

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  • What amazes me is how many young adults who have family and support are so confused. At my age i am still confused but i have no family, because its a confusing world, always changing the rules. So i say this, study how the world works and make it work for you. Make money buy that farm so when you become a doctor you have a place to escape away from the people and live.

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