Is it normal to feel autistic

Over my entire life I have never been a normal person. I lived my life normally up untill a few years ago. When I was told I might be autistic by my friends. I asled my mother about it and she always just gets angry and denies it. I have always had certain issues that I never told anyone because i didn't wamt to bother them. Even if it makes me suffer. Touching certain things has always been hard for me. Even the thought of it. Touching latex makes me feel gross, it makes me angry. I feel it swell inside me till it is removed. Anything slime related gets me there as well. When I try to eat food i get very picky. If any of it touches I need to seperate it first, then eat one thing at a time. Vegetables because they cool faster and then potato/pasta/rice and finally meat. If too many things cook together i gag inside and refuse to touch it. IE a pot roast with potato and carrots. Also any food like soup that is majorly liquid. I can't even force myself to tatse them. I hate people being to close to me. I only hug my mother twice a year at maximum. Other than that I won't touch anyone if I can help it, and I really try to avoid it. It feels wrong to be touched. When my mom would wake me up as a kid and if she touched me I would hit her without realizing. When I speak I often mumble or talk too quick so I can hurry on to the next idea, some people have a hard time understanding me when I talk. I also have insanely bad handwriting. I feel like I should get checked out with doctors but I'm so scared to do anything. I have a hard time leaving my house. Should I talk to my dad about it even though we don't have much of a relationship. Should I see a doctor? I am unsure.

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  • Literally every single friend at some point said I was autistic. But my family had tested me twice and both times said I wasn’t autistic. I’m just an asshole sometimes.

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  • From what the information you gave, that's not autism.

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  • I think the food problem is more OCD.
    Autistic is having trouble in social settings and getting obsessed with your hobbies.

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    • I only really play video games.
      Other than that I don't do much
      I read and write to work my brain.
      But half the time i'm too depressed to do anything.
      I have never been active socially.
      I had a hard time in school due to people.
      The more people around me the worse i get mentally
      I went to a Logic concert and nearly died.
      I loved the music but it was so uncomfortable.
      And these adults kept bumping into these kids in front of me
      So I got in between them because i don't trust 18 year olds around 15 year olds and stuff.

      I was offered to skip 3rd grade but i was so nad socially my mom wouldn't let them push me forward.
      If I am in public I refuse to speak. I wear masks.
      I refuse to eat in front of people even my mom
      It makes me severely uncomfortable.
      And when people yell around me I break down.

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  • deja vu, swear I just read this post a week ago or something.

    If it effects your life in a negative enough way then see a doctor.
    I thought autistic was more a interaction / social problem, rather then being picky with food. Maybe you slightly ocd about food or you could just be being a bit silly and working yourself up.

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    • Yeah Autism generally effects more social behaviors, however touch can be included in autism.

      But OP just sounds like a picky eater

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      • I wouldn't know anything about being social
        I'd never leave my house if I didn't have to
        Actually I haven't left this motel room in 2 months...
        I have a hard time connectong to people in person
        Onlime it feels natural because I just write.
        But I never open up publicly.

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        • now you’re looking for excuses, social problem as in—

          Inappropriate behavior over minor inconveniences in public.

          Inappropriate reactions towards greetings and conversations.

          Overly reactive to social stimuli (ex.loud noise makes you unreasonably and noticeably uncomfortable)

          Underly reactive to social stimuli (someone tries to strike up conversation and you ignore them)

          I had a cousin with autism on a severe scale so it was all of this but worse. What your describing doesn’t sound like autism. If you’re seriously convinced that you have it, then go get yourself tested

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          • I don't talk in public anymore and ignore everyone because it makes me depressed and just drains the enerhy from my body
            When I was younger I would run away

            I'm very paranoid so that's not really reliable
            Loud noises, cars, trains, people on the same side of the street as me, people past dark time, and crpssing the street are all things that I avoid if I can. But I wouldn't say that is similar to autism.

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            • One minute your saying you have autism, next you’re not. Why not just go and get tested?

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