Is it normal to feel active out of nowhere

Usually I have zero energy to do anything productive. This even happens if I had a full nights rest.

However, yesterday and even today I have energy to do a lot. I don't feel like wasting time (only on short breaks).

I keep feeling my head to see if I am okay Ha ha! Is this normal?

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  • maybe you ate something different that was good for you. what, if anything did you do differently? keep a sleep and food and activity journal And track your energy levels to see what is affecting what. Worst cases scenario, and no I am NOT saying this is it, would be bipolar disorder. That would be if the high energy got so intense you were out and about doing some crazy stuff like driving fast or not sleeping for days etc. if you are a female it could be hormone related, I have more energy first half of my cycle and then become fatigued easily second half. Vitamin B12 can help w/lethargy. If the ups and downs keep
    Up, or if you are just tired all the time you should talk to
    Doc, get your thyroid checked if you are so tired all the time. I’d be more concerned about chronic fatigue than a break from it.

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  • Did the weather pattern change?

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  • it's totally normal to have a random burst of energy!

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