Is it normal to feel a strong desire to impregnate someone

How to get my DNA in another human and fertilize the egg quickly.

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  • The obvious answer is to become a sperm donor. I considered doing this for a while. Of course, the world would be better off having more MENSA level people like me to solve complex technical problems. But, I decided against it. Emotional investment in the unknown would be a distraction from my current work activities.

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  • Please don't. We have enough humans as it is.

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  • First of all , you have to get laid for the first time in your life.

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    • What is laid and how do you do that.

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  • i want to be preg.... same feeling just as a young female

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  • The quick way is to become a sperm donor. If you want to do it the slow way get into a relationship with someone for a few years to form a bond with them. I say a few years and a strong bond because I've seen what happens when someone has a kid too early. He's either stuck struggling paying child support for the rest of his life or he's a struggling single dad.

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