Is it normal to enjoy the feeling of hunger?

It feels nice, what can I say?

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  • For me the more hungry I am the food is better so I kinda purposly go without eating for a bit. But it CANNOT be good for you. Its a bad habbit of mine that i'm trying to fix.

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  • To be honest, I can never understand why being hungry would feel good. I'm hungry all the time and I hate it. XD

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  • I guess so, I used to enjoy starving myself just to see how low i could get my weight and not because of any aesthetic goal.

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  • But your stomach needs something.

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    • It's a delayed gratification thing, plus sometimes it's better for your body to burn off some energy

      Eating at the first growl trains your body to feel like it really requires food

      Try intermittent fasting out, it's hard at first but you'll start to notice things about your body and what it needs vs what's nice to have

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