Is it normal to enjoy lesbian thirsttraps if you are straight woman

I caved and got tiktok because I like memes in video format but with time the content I view has shifted some. I searched lesbian thirsttraps one night and then they have kept showing on my for you page. I followed a few lesbian couples and have one favorite because they are so adorable and just got married. It fills me with happiness to watch their love for each other and gives me hope of one day finding love like that but I dont know if its because they are 2 women or just because its a cute couple.
Ive never had any type of relationship to a woman but I assume im straight? I just dont socialize, like, ever. On dating apps ive always chosen to talk to men because thats the norm and the friends I have are men as they are guys I didnt want to date who just sort of stuck around.
Ive always had feelings for men too. Never enjoyed being intimate with them other than in my head but I pin that down to me being abnormally late to feeling like getting laid or something? I guess one day I will feel like it though im already much older than when most people start wanting it...
Sometimes I wonder if its normal for straight women to view hot-looking women? I never view straight man thirsttraps... ive accidently seen a few and they made me cringe. I guess women must just be better at making that type of content?

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  • WTF is a Thirsttrap???

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  • Don't do TikTok, kids. It messes with your brain in all kinds of ways

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  • i dont think its a question for being " normal " or not, more of a question abt your sexuality- how straight ( or not ) you might be
    there's nothing wrong with exploring and finding more about yourself , why does time matter when you yourself are in the question?
    not sure if you asked for a suggestion, but i would say that if you're seriously curious abt yourself, might as well try and see if enjoying wlw thirst traps might not be just limited to the content -

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  • feminism makes you retarded there is a whole page on google of them saying air conditioning is sexist

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  • traps are gay

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  • if you aren't getting horny to them, then no you aren't a lesbian. women are attractive. kissing, hugging, touching, isn't even gay for women. and if you purely get horny to their body and not mind then that's called a fetish.

    side note it isn't male vs. female like the ugly (inside and/or out) ones want us to believe. it's attractive vs. unattractive. and the females have the upper hand due to male horniness. which triggers the MRA types against feminists (ugly vs. ugly) into tossing around that red herring.

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