Is it normal to dream about this type of stuff?

I had this dream where I was attacked by vegan Karens just because they caught me eating a steak. I stood up and said I'm not turning vegan and you can't force me to do it. When I came home a group of them were after me parading my doorstep and scared them off with a shotgun, I could be heard saying get off my swamp. As soon as I got outside it was the apocalypse of the vegan Karens they then took over the street, I went back and got my other guns and ammo dressed up as a Doom Marine and shot them and also killing them with a chainsaw.

Is it a normal dream?

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  • I'm a vegan that has dreams of keto Karens attacking me for being protein deficient. I sadly don't have an arsenal of guns to defend myself nor the energy to fight back so I end up dying at the end of it. At least you get to be a bad ass.

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  • This reminded me of a woman I met who was deerkin who would always freak out whenever her husband let her kids eat venison. Vegan Karens are not the apocalypse I would've hoped for

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