Is it normal to dream about an ex when happily married

I’m happily married and living the life I had only ever dreamed of. Last night I had a dream about an ex. This ex was from my teenage years and we haven’t seen each other in over 10 years. In my dream I went to visit him (we live in different countries) and there was sexual tension but nothing happened. I told him about my husband and baby and he told me about his girlfriend. We were just driving around talking for a while then I woke up. This has sparked curiosity about what ever happened to him so I tried looking him up. I can’t find him on any social media, and I don’t have any of his old contact information anymore. I should probably just leave the past in the past and leave it alone but I really want to know where he ended up. is it normal to have these dreams and have a hard time brushing it off? Btw I have no interest in ever being romantic with this guy ever again. We were really good friends but sexually not compatible.

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  • You can't control your dreams, but looking up past ex's is totally normal. I do it all the time out of curiosity, seeing what they're up to, how they look today, etc. No interest in pursuing something with them. Even if the whole thing becomes a bit excessive, don't worry about it. The feeling will pass.

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  • Yeah I've had those thoughts before about how an old gf of mine is doing now today.

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