Is it normal to draw portraits so i wouldn't be forgotten by people

I offer myself to draw the portraits of the people I hold dear around me. Then, I will give those portraits of theirs to keep because I am really afraid they would forget about me if I would be separated from them. At least when they occasionally look at their portraits which are drawn by my own hand, they will hopefully always going to remember my name and existence who once used to connect with them through drawings.

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  • That's so...French? I can't put a name on it, it's just such a cute and sentimental thing to do, the type of thing you would see in a novel.

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  • That is if they keep the portrait. Do you find yourself having a hard time letting go of people that leave your life?

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    • Not hard but very hard. I hate saying a separation goodbye and the thought of closed ones forgetting about me truly scares me.

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