Is it normal to draw pictures of dead animals?

Today I drew a picture of a dead horse with blood with flies eating the corpse, as everyone was asked to draw an animal. I draw dead animals with blood pouring out of them, especially horses,mice,dogs,cats and birds I draw of them dying.

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  • Here's that attention you ordered.

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  • No, it's not normal to draw pictures of bloody dead animals! What the fuck is wrong with you, dude?

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  • As an an artist 🎨.
    I draw things according to my feelings and mental state at that moment.

    I recommend you to meet new friends, stay happy and create artworks. after a few years if you look at each of the drawings chronologically, you can understand it.

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  • You should draw them mating instead

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  • Perfectly fine, morbid imagery holds beauty.

    I mean hurrr derrrr you edgy derrrrp

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